August 31, 2007

I started LCing and lost some weight, but I wanted to lose more, and faster. I tried following Kimmer’s way of eating, when she was on LCF and giving advice. I measured everything and followed it to the T, but the weight would not come off. She made some suggestions to me about eating just protein for 3 days (sort of like an induction, but I didn’t need induction, as I wasn’t eating poorly). Anyway, I started feeling weak, dizzy and breaking out with a sweat and had to lay down and had to have my DH or DD bring me something to eat or whatever…….now, let me say this –

In 1996, I weighed 162, and went to a doctor to lose weight rapidly. I followed his eating plan – RWR (rapid weight reduction), and I was put on a 500 calorie diet, which is very similiar, if not exactly the same as what Kimmer was saying to eat. I followed that diet for a year, until 1997. Throughout this time, I would have bouts of vertigo, weakness, etc. I did, however, lose weight down to 142. In August 0f 1997, I was outside and I started to feel nauseated and weak and dizzy. I quickly came inside and laid on the floor of family room and there I passed out. A while later I came to with my dog licking my face. (Still, that didn’t stop me, as I didn’t know it was from too low of calories). In Nov., 1997, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt the same way. I walked to the bathroom and after leaving the bathroom, passed out from a standing up position. I hit the ground full force and broke ribs on my right side, had a concussion, black eye and I came to hearing my little girl saying: “mommy, mommy, wake up, mommy.” I couldn’t open my eyes at first, nor could I speak. Eventually, my husband tried to put soda in my mouth (almost drowning me) and after a few min. I opened my eyes. I still could not speak. He carried me downstairs and put me in the car and to the hospital we went. By the time we arrived there, I could speak, but I couldn’t remember how old I was.

So, I’m going to stop here and quit boring you all, but it is my belief that the continued low calories/low carbs/no fat is what caused the above reaction. Well, after I started feeling the same way on “Kimmer’s plan” and she told me to cut things out, yet I still was not losing weight, I stopped following it. I believe that the low cal/low carb/no fat is what messed my metabolism up, because I gained from 145 to 197 without eating hardly anything. I have fought tooth and nail trying to get the weight off and it has been a constant battle. So, I do believe I have damaged my metabolism. I just hope that people think twice before following such a restrictive diet. I truly understand wanting to lose weight and feel better and look better, but it is just not worth the health consequences.

(Let me just say that everyone loses weight differently and while one woe works for one person, a different woe may work for someone else…each to his own, but the above starvation diet is the pits and should not be followed, as it is too dangerous.)

  From lowcarbfriends.com “Why the Fascination with Kimmer”



August 30, 2007

Since July I have been watching everything unfold, thru the other forum and all of the anti-kimkins blogs etc. Mostly I have been lurking and just watching things unfold. But recently I decided that I needed to do something tangible to help stop this insanity. And speak out honestly about my kimkins experience.

I am still struggling with the unhealthy attitude and fear I developed towards food, I have had no more “bathroom” episodes but I still have to fight the urge occasionally. I still fear eating more calories and have to work on that on a daily basis. It’s all good though. I am choosing to turn this into a positive experience. And take what I have learned and put it to good use. I may have less hair than I did but I am a better and stronger person. I have learned some valuable lessons and have met some truly remarkable people along the way.10 years ago at the age of 40 I became a SEVERE bulimic. (it’s not just a young person’s disease) I binged and purged no less than 10 times a day. I didn’t know if I was binging to purge or purging to binge. I was addicted to both. It became a life or death issue and I won’t bore you with the looong details of how I overcame it, but overcome it I did. It took time, and it had become so much a part of my past, that I hardly remembered it. That is…until Kimkins. Before starting kimkins I had developed a very healthy attitude about food and had started to reclaim my life and health through my own version of low carb (similar to South Beach) I had lost 90 pounds and had gone from being a very brittle insulin dependent diabetic to being able to go off all meds. But I admit I was getting a bit frustrated with the slow loss and through a series of events found the kimkins site and to my shame was seduced by the promise of fast weight loss…yada yada…you know the story.

Like I mentioned, I never followed the plan as strictly as most, but I did drop my calories far too low. 900-1000. But I still ate 40-50 grams of fat a day. Far more than most members. I lost 26 pounds in the first month and was elated. Despite the severe dizzy spells I was beginning to experience. And yes…enormous hair loss. But something else happened that was far more insidious…I became terrified of food. I was sooo depressed one night ….because I had cheated..on 6 large strawberries! (good Lord) This pattern continued and increased in it’s severity. To the point where if I felt I had eaten too much or the wrong things…I started wanting to run to the bathroom and get rid of it. I had not even come close to having this urge for over 8 years and never DREAMED I could consider it again. I am deeply ashamed to admit that I gave into that urge several times. I was starting to feel really good (emotionally) the less I managed to eat in a day. I was being lured down that very dangerous path to the PBTP. If it hadn’t been for discovering the “other forum” and the valuable info there, who knows where I would be now. Most likely stuck fast in the “cult mentality” and continuing the damage to my health on less and less calories. While everyone patted me on my ever increasing “bony shoulders” I’m sorry, I know many were offended by the “cult” references that have surfaced over the last few weeks..but truly…what else can you call it…when an otherwise intelligent, educated, well read and informed woman can get seduced into doing something so stupid and destructive as this WOE. I am forever grateful to those who tirelessly worked to dig out the truth about this very clever charlatan.

I am still struggling with the unhealthy attitude and fear I developed towards food, I have had no more “bathroom” episodes but I still have to fight the urge occasionally. I still fear eating more calories and have to work on that on a daily basis. It’s all good though. I am choosing to turn this into a positive experience. And take what I have learned and put it to good use. I may have less hair than I did but I am a better and stronger person. I have learned some valuable lessons and have met some truly remarkable people along the way.

I need to state that I do take accountability for my bad choices…Kimmer didn’t hold a gun to my head, but if I had found info like this thread in advance of finding kimkins, I never would have gone down that path. So now I want to contribute what I can to this cause and hopefully open some eyes.

From Active Low Carber Forums “New Anti-Kimkins/Kimmer blogs emerging”

To Becky

August 28, 2007

Lonely is sometimes doing the right thing, even when it’s not popular.

 Even when it’s shirked,

laughed at,

sneered at,

tucked in.

 Lonely is sometimes knowing the people you thought you knew never knew you,

didn’t ask, didn’t care.

It’s hard waking up one morning and questioning what’s happening around you, that those figments you thought you knew were wasting away into the ethos, withering on less food than concentration camp survivors, showing brittle smiles and clapping you on bony shoulderblades.

It’s hard asking, “when did things change?” and seeing that, while the technicolor turned to grey and morbid rust, nobody else seemed to notice she was eating too little.

You spoke.

You were silenced.

But you spoke.

Thank you.


August 19, 2007

These comments really scare me. I tried Kimkins as I was desperate to lose my last 20 pounds, but stayed at 1000 cals. Stuck to it as hard as I could, then got a good result, but stalled as you do, and then started cutting back calories until I was at 500 per day. I was miserable, cranky, tired, I’d stand up aand nearly faint, and almost vomited when I was pushed to my usual limit by my personal trainer. And the constipation! I even took laxatives, got into that rubbish. I kept bagging myself that I wasn’t good enough, couldn’t stick to it and was a downright miserable sod – taking out my hunger on everyone else. I paid $60, but you know what I gave it up, not because I’m weak, or a fat blob, or not tough enough but because I care about myself and my self esteem. This 60 bucks taught me to loathe myself. I hated how this diet made me feel about myself. I lost more than 60 lbs doing Atkins, but some back on, because I lived the high life, too much alcohol and too many empty carbohydrates. I hate eggs, don’t eat them, don’t eat bacon, don’t eat a tub of butter either, I eat lean meat, both red and white, vegies salad etc. And I’m stable at my weight. I have really stuffed my metabolism, so I’m going to do something ‘radical’ for a low carber – refeeds. Follow the body builders. But I’m not eating pizza, I don’t eat that anyway, but increase good carbs starting at once a week to keep my body guessing. You know what – it’s working – but slow and steady, and I don’t have to keep to 500 cals a day. I work in health care and I knew what I was doing was wrong, but my low self esteem sucked me in. I’m not going to bag those who are doing it, as a person who has struggled with my weight for years, would never put anyone else down, all I can say is be careful. And don’t call me a loser, nohoper, fatkins either, you do your cause no good. I’m just like you, struggling with my weight, I wish it was easy, but it isn’t. Don’t be so downright nasty, find the evidence and post it, scientific evidence. I’m just going by the way I felt. It was no good for me but don’t give me cr_p over it, and don’t you dare call me a fatkins. I’m just going to get on with it. I haven’t bagged KK anywhere, so don’t you dare bag me. No you probably didn’t mean me personally, eh? But that’s the whole KK thing, it did and does effect me. Sorry this is a long comment, but those comments made me really mad.

From Kimkins Dangers, comments

You are Missed

August 17, 2007

Where once you used to smile radiance, now you are rumpled and frightened, steadfast and wandering, meandering through the vast wasteland of diets gone wrong, and the latest weight loss fads running through your tight fists like so many sands.  

You used to glow, and now you sulk, dreary and tired, napping for the energy to nap, eyes withdrawn into yourself, lips thin and pale, kissing indifference where once you embraced life. 

I miss you, miss the grand times, miss the communication, how you would make me giddy until I spilled my beverage across the table grabbing my sides in deep howling in laughter. We talked then until there were no more words that needed to be said, smiling smiles. 

Now we’re pausing for pauses, and I wonder what happened to that amazing person I once knew, who retreated into herself and pushed everyone away like halitosis after too many meals of nothing, too many ‘I’ll be better tomorrow’s.  

I know better. I’m a library book you have shelved, swapped for a glossy promise of svelte hips in 2 weeks. I’m the best friend, your mother, your sister and your daughter. Where did you go?  

Did you melt away into the landscape, gaping and harrowing, trying to swim through melting portrait paints, hands flailing for awhile, face resolute, then, finally giving up, let limp hands fall down?

 Because then you drown.


August 16, 2007

I too was sucked into the KK plan. Was only on it 6 weeks -and did lose a lot of weight , but during that time I knew it was not right . Luckily I did not have any major health issues other having NO energy . I have been adding fats back to my diet and feel so much better. I was not a big poster on the KK site and I have been lurking over there to see if there is any kind of response to all the controversy. Not much. I did see one post where someone brought up the JM blog. The responses were entirely focused on the whole – who is Kimmer issue. They basically do not care – if she is a fraud or not -as long as they are losing. Nothing about the health risks assocaited with the diet. That more than anything is what is so sad about the situation.

From lowcarbfriends.com “Why the Fascination with Kimmer”


August 15, 2007

I joined Kimkins in Dec 06. I never followed any of the diets exactly, in fact, I NEVER gave up cheese, although I did switch to lower fat versions. I never looked at anyone’s Fitday. I never heard of laxative abuse. And I didn’t hear of any controversy regarding the diet.What really made me suspect that something was not right was what I read in one of the Kimkins Forums. I think it was the Detox/Fasting forum. It was a horrifying thread about someone’s experience with doing their own liver/gallbladder flush — and it was one the site’s administrators. Maybe this is normal to some people, but I was horrified. Then I read about people fasting; 3 days, 5 days, 7 days…

In all the other forums I visited on the site, there was encouragement and sharing of success. But when I found that Detox/Fasting thread, I felt very scared and disappointed. This isn’t going to be the best analogy, but it was like finding out that the good guy in the movie is really the bad guy.

Anyway, then I found this site and it confirmed my suspicions. What really sealed the deal for me was seeing some of the faces and names here that I’d previously seen offering encouragment on Kimkins forums and featured as success stories.

I haven’t decided exactly which low-carb diet I’ll follow for maintenance, but for now I’m enjoying adding high fiber bread and a few Triscuits with cheese back into my diet. Not everyday of course! I’m putting cream in my ice coffee and not stressing over my daily calories.

I’ve only got 12 lbs til I hit my goal weight — if I was still following KK, then I would be restricting hard core, exercising every night, weighing every morning and praying that I saw that magic number –123.

But, you know what? I feel really very calm about it. I hope it takes me six months to lose those last few pounds.

Thanks for everything — even if at first it felt like tough love, you have all really opened my eyes.

From lowcarbfriends.com “Why the Fascination with Kimmer”


August 13, 2007

Now is the time.

Each signature a sign

Each story a blessing

Lighting a candle for the past

and protecting our future.

 Please sign.

                 Never has doing so little

                 meant so much



August 13, 2007

I applaud the efforts of everyone here as they point out the shortfalls and question marks regarding the Kimkins plan. After following Jimmy Moore’s blog for a while I followed his links to the Kimkins site, late last year. I’d done low carb before but fell off the wagon, regained the weight I’d lost, and was extremely low-spirited as a result. I was impressed by the success stories on the Kimkins site, mildly confused by some of the before and after photos, but never seriously considered there could be questionable activities concerned with same because, hello, nobody would be that blatantly … misguided, shall we say … would they? Well, apparently they would, but live and learn. I developed some severe doubts about Mr Moore when I saw that he was promoting Kimkins and taking money from her while simultaneously lambasting the idea of low fat/low carb. I questioned him on that apparent double standard/conflict of interest and was roundly attacked for it on his blog. I was foolish to be surprised — his conduct towards anyone who dared challenge or disagree with him was already documented, I’d already seen how he treated other dissenters, and why I was stupid enough to think I’d not be treated in like fashion I don’t know … but again — live and learn. I wish I could be more charitable towards his whole rethink of the Kimkins issue — perhaps he’s genuine, but I’m not convinced. Time will tell. I certainly think he’s got a lot in common with the founder of Kimkin, in terms of needing a great deal of attention and adulation.Anyhow.

In the meantime, I joined up at Kimkins. And I lost a lot of weight. And even though I fell off the strict wagon a few times, I always climbed back on and returned to doing either K/E or plain Kimkins, with some greenery added to the low-fat protein. But the binges started happening, I was craving carb/sugar. Didn’t connect it at first to the deprivation cycle I was setting up. And my hair started coming out. A lot. I asked about that on the BBs, and the question was ignored, even though it was in the Ask Kimmer thread.

Then I started hearing about the groundswell of concern about not only the diet, but its founder. By this time I was starting to worry about some of the advice I was reading on the BBs at the Kimkins site, and noting some very worrying trends among some people who were losing perspective about food and healthy eating. On top of that came the high exposure in the WW article, and the price hike for membership, and the sudden conversion of Mr Moore to the Kimkins cause (even though he wasn’t doing the program as written — and seemed to turn his thread on the site into nothing but another megaphone for self-promotion)

Points raised about the program are, to me, valid. I feel there is a truly disturbing cult of personality happening, and some very unhealthy trends and behaviours are being started and reinforced. The minute you start *fearing* food, most especially healthy food, you’re in trouble. When I started fearing green vegetables I knew it was time to get out, and I have. I’ve started back with a steady intake of green vegetables and protein. I’ve drastically reduced my diet soda intake. And in between stopping Kimkins and returning to an Atkins-based low carb weight loss regime, to shift the last 15 pounds, I ate a lot of healthy low carb fresh fruit like cherries and strawberries. And my hair has stopped falling out. I haven’t regained the 45 pounds lost, and my fear of healthy food is almost gone.

Cutie, I remember reading your success story in the newsletter and being so impressed with your sane approach to the process of losing a lot of weight. I had no idea you’d gone through a trauma in the Kimkins experience, and I hope you’re okay now. I hope you’ve not lost your friendship with Christin. Although this is the first time I’ve spoken about my Kimkins concerns I can’t get back into the website, and my emails aren’t being returnd to find out why I’m locked out. Like you, I’m concerned for some of the people there whose journeys touched me.

As someone late to this party, who flirted quite briefly with the Kimkins experience and who escaped, by the skin of her teeth, falling too far down the ED hellhole, I want to applaud the people who’ve been brave enough to speak out here. Perhaps, with feelings running high, words weren’t always chosen as tactfully as they might’ve been, but that’s a small thing. The big thing is the genuine care and concern exhibited here, for those people who are still being hoodwinked, and those who’ve escaped the damage and are now trying to put their lives together again.

I trust I’ll lose the last of my excess weight in a healthy, timely fashion. I know what I should do, now, and what I shouldn’t do. All we can do here, I think, is provide a safe and non-judgemental haven for anyone who’s been burned.

Good thoughts to you all.

From lowcarbfriends.com “Why the Fascination with Kimmer”


August 12, 2007

Belladonna When JM joined Kimkins and had such rapid weight loss, I was one click away from joining Kimkins, as well, to lose those last 10 pounds which have been sticking to me like flypaper. But something made me take pause….to my mind, his weight loss was far too rapid, which concerned me greatly. Something just didn’t add up. Needless to say, I am thrilled he has disassociated himself entirely with Kimkins, and even more thrilled I didn’t pay Kimmer $60.00.I am writing because of my deep concern for those who are looking for a quick fix, who are duped into joining Kimkins and beginning a potentially fatal diet.

I plead with all LCF members to please…please…please contact governmental agencies, investigative journalists, Dateline, Woman’s World Magazine, TMZ, Oprah, etc. to have Kimmer/Kimkins investigated and exposed, for I fear new members of Kimkins, who are unaware of the controversy surrounding the diet and its potentially dangerous consequences, could be on the fast track to an early death.

Please…if you can save just one life…

From lowcarbfriends.com “Why the Fascination with Kimmer”