To Becky

August 28, 2007

Lonely is sometimes doing the right thing, even when it’s not popular.

 Even when it’s shirked,

laughed at,

sneered at,

tucked in.

 Lonely is sometimes knowing the people you thought you knew never knew you,

didn’t ask, didn’t care.

It’s hard waking up one morning and questioning what’s happening around you, that those figments you thought you knew were wasting away into the ethos, withering on less food than concentration camp survivors, showing brittle smiles and clapping you on bony shoulderblades.

It’s hard asking, “when did things change?” and seeing that, while the technicolor turned to grey and morbid rust, nobody else seemed to notice she was eating too little.

You spoke.

You were silenced.

But you spoke.

Thank you.


5 Responses to “To Becky”

  1. Thatgirl said

    Beautifully spoken.

  2. Thatgirl said


  3. happiness said

    Bless you.

  4. 2big4mysize said

    thank you for leading the way so victims of Kimmer and her scam could learn the truth.

    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.

  5. ohyeahbabe said

    I’m really sorry you were a victim of Kimmer’s fraud and the unsafe Kimkins diet, and that your health was damaged. I hope you are doing better now.

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