August 13, 2007

I applaud the efforts of everyone here as they point out the shortfalls and question marks regarding the Kimkins plan. After following Jimmy Moore’s blog for a while I followed his links to the Kimkins site, late last year. I’d done low carb before but fell off the wagon, regained the weight I’d lost, and was extremely low-spirited as a result. I was impressed by the success stories on the Kimkins site, mildly confused by some of the before and after photos, but never seriously considered there could be questionable activities concerned with same because, hello, nobody would be that blatantly … misguided, shall we say … would they? Well, apparently they would, but live and learn. I developed some severe doubts about Mr Moore when I saw that he was promoting Kimkins and taking money from her while simultaneously lambasting the idea of low fat/low carb. I questioned him on that apparent double standard/conflict of interest and was roundly attacked for it on his blog. I was foolish to be surprised — his conduct towards anyone who dared challenge or disagree with him was already documented, I’d already seen how he treated other dissenters, and why I was stupid enough to think I’d not be treated in like fashion I don’t know … but again — live and learn. I wish I could be more charitable towards his whole rethink of the Kimkins issue — perhaps he’s genuine, but I’m not convinced. Time will tell. I certainly think he’s got a lot in common with the founder of Kimkin, in terms of needing a great deal of attention and adulation.Anyhow.

In the meantime, I joined up at Kimkins. And I lost a lot of weight. And even though I fell off the strict wagon a few times, I always climbed back on and returned to doing either K/E or plain Kimkins, with some greenery added to the low-fat protein. But the binges started happening, I was craving carb/sugar. Didn’t connect it at first to the deprivation cycle I was setting up. And my hair started coming out. A lot. I asked about that on the BBs, and the question was ignored, even though it was in the Ask Kimmer thread.

Then I started hearing about the groundswell of concern about not only the diet, but its founder. By this time I was starting to worry about some of the advice I was reading on the BBs at the Kimkins site, and noting some very worrying trends among some people who were losing perspective about food and healthy eating. On top of that came the high exposure in the WW article, and the price hike for membership, and the sudden conversion of Mr Moore to the Kimkins cause (even though he wasn’t doing the program as written — and seemed to turn his thread on the site into nothing but another megaphone for self-promotion)

Points raised about the program are, to me, valid. I feel there is a truly disturbing cult of personality happening, and some very unhealthy trends and behaviours are being started and reinforced. The minute you start *fearing* food, most especially healthy food, you’re in trouble. When I started fearing green vegetables I knew it was time to get out, and I have. I’ve started back with a steady intake of green vegetables and protein. I’ve drastically reduced my diet soda intake. And in between stopping Kimkins and returning to an Atkins-based low carb weight loss regime, to shift the last 15 pounds, I ate a lot of healthy low carb fresh fruit like cherries and strawberries. And my hair has stopped falling out. I haven’t regained the 45 pounds lost, and my fear of healthy food is almost gone.

Cutie, I remember reading your success story in the newsletter and being so impressed with your sane approach to the process of losing a lot of weight. I had no idea you’d gone through a trauma in the Kimkins experience, and I hope you’re okay now. I hope you’ve not lost your friendship with Christin. Although this is the first time I’ve spoken about my Kimkins concerns I can’t get back into the website, and my emails aren’t being returnd to find out why I’m locked out. Like you, I’m concerned for some of the people there whose journeys touched me.

As someone late to this party, who flirted quite briefly with the Kimkins experience and who escaped, by the skin of her teeth, falling too far down the ED hellhole, I want to applaud the people who’ve been brave enough to speak out here. Perhaps, with feelings running high, words weren’t always chosen as tactfully as they might’ve been, but that’s a small thing. The big thing is the genuine care and concern exhibited here, for those people who are still being hoodwinked, and those who’ve escaped the damage and are now trying to put their lives together again.

I trust I’ll lose the last of my excess weight in a healthy, timely fashion. I know what I should do, now, and what I shouldn’t do. All we can do here, I think, is provide a safe and non-judgemental haven for anyone who’s been burned.

Good thoughts to you all.

From lowcarbfriends.com “Why the Fascination with Kimmer”


2 Responses to “Ozk”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam Kimkins.com

  2. ohyeahbabe said

    I’m really sorry you were a victim of Kimmer’s fraud and the unsafe Kimkins diet, and that your health was damaged. I hope you are doing better now.

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