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Will you

Eat your heart out ?                                  

                                 On a VLCD You are.  

        You are consuming your heart

.You are consuming your muscle

.                                    The body consumes itself.


                        The body consumes itself on a very-low-calorie diet.


A success story cannot support itself


                                                    on 800 calories a day

You might not be ready for this.

You might still be following Kimkins.

You might still be thinking about how wrong we are. That we can’t care. That we are jealous. That we hate. That we hate you.

Please do not feel that way. We love you. We love Kimmer. Not because you have control, but because you may be out of control. Not because you are perfect, but because you may be imperfect. Not because you will show us, but because we want to show you.

We want to show you peace. Love. Health.

No hurries. No worries.

Please reflect. Then please shine.


3 Responses to “When You’re Not Ready”

  1. elliotsmom said

    I have to share my experience on kimkins. I first joined in February and had about 60 lbs to lose. It was very strict and austere, but I managed to stick w/ it. I have heard a friend say that the “high” you get when you see the scale go down so quickly is very addictive. That is so true, and that’s exactly what happened to me.

    I believed Kimmer when she said new information shows that laxatives are not addictive, so I started taking ex-lax, much as she said her sister did. I took it for almost 5 months, morning and night, and it worked. After hearing the upset on the lowcarbfriends board, I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t “go” without them. I am still trying to undo the harm they have caused.

    Another problem I had on Kimkins was the lack of energy and inability to exercise like before. I did go to the gym, but where I used to walk quickly on the treadmill, I had to walk very slowly and where I used to walk for almost an hour, I had to stop at 20 min. I just didn’t have the energy to go on. By the time I got home and took my shower, I was spent. Thank goodness I didn’t have a job outside the home. I truly don’t know how I could have worked all day in that condition.
    I decided a couple of months ago that I needed to slow down the weight loss so I could ease into maintenance, and I knew I couldn’t slow it down the way I was going. I tried Atkins ’72, but the thought of adding alot to the diet I was on (Kimkins) was very scary to me. It took alot of encouragement from people at a couple of lowcarb websites to even get me to try it. The first time didn’t work out so well….I went running back to Kimkins after 4 days and getting myself out of ketosis. The 2nd time I tried, I just had to jump in with both feet, because the fear was holding me back. I have done good on Atkins ’72, still losing, but slowly, which is what I wanted. I KNOW it’s healthier and I am stronger and have alot more energy. When I go into the Kimkins site now, it breaks my heart to see the women talking about how few calories they are eating, threads about how weak they are feeling, etc. I don’t know how to help them because I feel if I say something, the post will be pulled before anybody can see it. It has happened to others.

    I do not hate Kimmer. I do feel like she has hurt alot of people w/ her advice. I didn’t believe it when the thread at lcf started, and felt they were bashing her. The more I read, the more I had to agree w/ alot of what they were saying. This WOE is NOT healthy, is not going to help as much as hurt others in the long run.

    I have been to pro-ana sites in the past, just out of curiousity, and when I started this diet, I felt at the beginning that it sounded like pro-ana, but just pushed that feeling aside. Now that I am caught up in that mindset (low calories are normal, afraid to add more, only picking the leanest of anything to eat, laxatives) I KNOW how the anorexics feel and why it’s hard for them to quit. I don’t feel like I’m anorexic, but I do understand them alot better now, and can see how they could get swept up in it all when they are just trying to drop a few lbs. The feeling of no appetite (I had that sometimes) is very empowering, makes you feel like you could diet forever and not be bothered by it. You push the bells going off in your head aside and continue on. Then one day the bells stop going off and all is well.

    I’m telling you, it is soooo easy to get sucked in, and soooo hard to stop the madness.
    I can hardly call this site a neutral site, but others and myself are telling our experiences w/ Kimkins. Please stop the madness, you know in your heart and mind it’s not healthy and there WILL come a time that you CAN’T convince yourself to stop. Do it before then, or it’s too late.

  2. Jill said

    I am just in shock…I have just stumbled onto this because of a post on a kimkins board nailing the fraud. Well, of course, that poster has been banned. At least this explains why I have had to be so obsessed just to stick with this diet. I haven’t been able to maintain the super low calories…..and when I did, I had to be living on the site just to keep my obsession with what I was eating so I wouldn’t cheat. Wow, I kept telling my self this can’t be right…but then I’d look at all those success stories & think…well it worked for them…and they are ok.

    Im blown away!! What success stories?? International women looking for love…photos stolen & stories made up. That’s great. Thanks kimmer….for making me feel like more of a failure than I’ve ever felt like in my life because I couldn’t maintain a 400 calorie diet.

  3. kat said

    I began Kimkins about a year ago. Originally I was drawn to it because of what it offered. . . fast results. I liked that I could pay a fee for her site and have menus, recipes and access to her right from the beginning. I haven’t been a lifelong dieter, in fact I had only been on Atkins one time in my life, after my son was born in 2000. This seemed like a healthier option, as it was low calorie low fat and low carb.

    Almost immediatly I began to wonder about the reality of this low carb diet. I found it difficult to follow with the right amount of lettuce, and was surprised to see people advocating less veggies. I decided to do her “kimkins experiment” and only eat eggs and meat, nothing else. Well, it worked fantastically. I begin dropping weight like crazy. I asked how long I could stay on this experiment and was told indefinatly, she encouraged my weight loss, encouraged me for doing so well.

    Silly me, being a college student and working full time, as well as being a single mother of many children, I guess it felt good to have somebody notice my efforts. I began posting a bit more, sharing my advice with others.

    I began to feel more tired, more worn out then ever. I wondered about this because my one time dieting on Atkins I had SO much more energy. . . I was told this was normal. I wondered when my legs began cramping until I couldn’t even walk or move hardly at all. . . but again this was normal.

    I tried exercising but I would exhaust after only ten minutes. I asked about this, but was convinced it was only due to a new piece of exercise equipment. When I began getting heart palpitations and a serious choking feeling, I began to get worried that something was seriously wrong.

    In the matter of four months I went from 227 pounds to 172, just over fifty pounds. I knew I could lose more if I just focused more. . . I tried boot camp, but I literally passed out one day trying to exercise. . .

    Finally, common sense regained itself, and I realized I was not well. I thought it was just me, as I am hypo-glycemic. I figured that I would just go away because I knew that mentioning any negative side effects on the site made people angry.

    Over the next several months, I have gained back almost all of the weight. I was scared to death to try Atkins again, I was convinced from Kimkins how unhealthy “all those fats were”

    This January first, I decided to start again, I went back to and have also went to other boards I used to frequent. I was . . . and am. . . shocked and appalled to learn about “kimmers” and her reality. To think that she was so harsh with so many of us about sticking to the diet, eating right, staying on track.

    I feel victimized, I feel stupid that at 32 years of age, with a college degree. . . I was so easily duped by her. I am angry and humiliated.

    I am glad this site is here, I have no idea what to think now. I will find my way through this maze of uncertainty somehow, I just sincerely hope others do as well.

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