August 31, 2007

I started LCing and lost some weight, but I wanted to lose more, and faster. I tried following Kimmer’s way of eating, when she was on LCF and giving advice. I measured everything and followed it to the T, but the weight would not come off. She made some suggestions to me about eating just protein for 3 days (sort of like an induction, but I didn’t need induction, as I wasn’t eating poorly). Anyway, I started feeling weak, dizzy and breaking out with a sweat and had to lay down and had to have my DH or DD bring me something to eat or whatever…….now, let me say this –

In 1996, I weighed 162, and went to a doctor to lose weight rapidly. I followed his eating plan – RWR (rapid weight reduction), and I was put on a 500 calorie diet, which is very similiar, if not exactly the same as what Kimmer was saying to eat. I followed that diet for a year, until 1997. Throughout this time, I would have bouts of vertigo, weakness, etc. I did, however, lose weight down to 142. In August 0f 1997, I was outside and I started to feel nauseated and weak and dizzy. I quickly came inside and laid on the floor of family room and there I passed out. A while later I came to with my dog licking my face. (Still, that didn’t stop me, as I didn’t know it was from too low of calories). In Nov., 1997, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt the same way. I walked to the bathroom and after leaving the bathroom, passed out from a standing up position. I hit the ground full force and broke ribs on my right side, had a concussion, black eye and I came to hearing my little girl saying: “mommy, mommy, wake up, mommy.” I couldn’t open my eyes at first, nor could I speak. Eventually, my husband tried to put soda in my mouth (almost drowning me) and after a few min. I opened my eyes. I still could not speak. He carried me downstairs and put me in the car and to the hospital we went. By the time we arrived there, I could speak, but I couldn’t remember how old I was.

So, I’m going to stop here and quit boring you all, but it is my belief that the continued low calories/low carbs/no fat is what caused the above reaction. Well, after I started feeling the same way on “Kimmer’s plan” and she told me to cut things out, yet I still was not losing weight, I stopped following it. I believe that the low cal/low carb/no fat is what messed my metabolism up, because I gained from 145 to 197 without eating hardly anything. I have fought tooth and nail trying to get the weight off and it has been a constant battle. So, I do believe I have damaged my metabolism. I just hope that people think twice before following such a restrictive diet. I truly understand wanting to lose weight and feel better and look better, but it is just not worth the health consequences.

(Let me just say that everyone loses weight differently and while one woe works for one person, a different woe may work for someone else…each to his own, but the above starvation diet is the pits and should not be followed, as it is too dangerous.)

  From lowcarbfriends.com “Why the Fascination with Kimmer”


2 Responses to “michelemomof2”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam Kimkins.com
    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.

  2. ohyeahbabe said

    I’m really sorry you were a victim of Kimmer’s fraud and the unsafe Kimkins diet, and that your health was damaged. I hope you are doing better now.

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