September 30, 2008

I began Kimkins about a year ago. Originally I was drawn to it because of what it offered. . . fast results. I liked that I could pay a fee for her site and have menus, recipes and access to her right from the beginning. I haven’t been a lifelong dieter, in fact I had only been on Atkins one time in my life, after my son was born in 2000. This seemed like a healthier option, as it was low calorie low fat and low carb.

Almost immediatly I began to wonder about the reality of this low carb diet. I found it difficult to follow with the right amount of lettuce, and was surprised to see people advocating less veggies. I decided to do her “kimkins experiment” and only eat eggs and meat, nothing else. Well, it worked fantastically. I begin dropping weight like crazy. I asked how long I could stay on this experiment and was told indefinatly, she encouraged my weight loss, encouraged me for doing so well.

Silly me, being a college student and working full time, as well as being a single mother of many children, I guess it felt good to have somebody notice my efforts. I began posting a bit more, sharing my advice with others.

I began to feel more tired, more worn out then ever. I wondered about this because my one time dieting on Atkins I had SO much more energy. . . I was told this was normal. I wondered when my legs began cramping until I couldn’t even walk or move hardly at all. . . but again this was normal.

I tried exercising but I would exhaust after only ten minutes. I asked about this, but was convinced it was only due to a new piece of exercise equipment. When I began getting heart palpitations and a serious choking feeling, I began to get worried that something was seriously wrong.

In the matter of four months I went from 227 pounds to 172, just over fifty pounds. I knew I could lose more if I just focused more. . . I tried boot camp, but I literally passed out one day trying to exercise. . .

Finally, common sense regained itself, and I realized I was not well. I thought it was just me, as I am hypo-glycemic. I figured that I would just go away because I knew that mentioning any negative side effects on the site made people angry.

Over the next several months, I have gained back almost all of the weight. I was scared to death to try Atkins again, I was convinced from Kimkins how unhealthy “all those fats were”

This January first, I decided to start again, I went back to kimkins.com and have also went to other boards I used to frequent. I was . . . and am. . . shocked and appalled to learn about “kimmers” and her reality. To think that she was so harsh with so many of us about sticking to the diet, eating right, staying on track.

I feel victimized, I feel stupid that at 32 years of age, with a college degree. . . I was so easily duped by her. I am angry and humiliated.

I am glad this site is here, I have no idea what to think now. I will find my way through this maze of uncertainty somehow, I just sincerely hope others do as well.



September 30, 2008

Hello All,

Wow your stories are heartbreaking. I’m grieved to hear of the many issues you have had with Kimkins.

I have been on Kimkins since June of 07 and yes I lost hair (I have inreased my carbs and calories and still lose). So I went to my Dr. and discussed Kimkins with her and my hairloss. She researched kimkins and gave me a clean bill of health and assured me that as I reached my goal weight and began maintenance and increased my calories that my hairloss would stop. She was absolutely correct all of these things have corrected itself. I have realized that I have to be smart in the way I eat. What does that mean? From the time I spoke with my Dr. to present I no longer allow my calories (When I’m actually counting) to drop below 1200/1500 a day. Yes, I still lose and am much healthier. I usually have two low carb meals a day and a regular meal with my family at dinner and am still able to lose, it all has to do with portion control. I do not support taking laxatives daily to move things through. That is very dangerous!

It is very important that you have veggies everyday. I believe with any WOE you have to listen to your body and not allow yourself to fear food. Elohim did not create food for us to fear it, He created it to sustain us.

Thank you for your concern and your help to those who are severly wounded by this WOE, however everyone has to work smarter with ANY WOE.

Please, understand that I’m not here to endorse all of the ways Kimkins has done things and I agree that IF this WOE of eating is taken to an extreme it can and will be detrimental to your health.

Thank you for your blog space


September 30, 2008

Wow, I joined KimKins in June or July of ‘06. In the beginning I did read posts by “kimmer” and the others, being the site was new, it was easy to keep up. I didn’t jump into the diet or forums because I was waiting to read the e-book that was promised as part of my membership. I was looking forward to all the information being in one handy place and be able to print it out so I could read it elsewhere. Well, that e-book never happened. Over the prevailing months I basically only went to the site to read the success stories. There seemed to be new ones everytime I visited.
There was one in particular that caused me to raise my eyebrows. A “Victoria” who was a dancer and lost 18lb. She claimed to be 5′7″, which is my height and her high weight was less than my normal low weight. It seemed she was an example of the eating disorder that is prevalent in the ballet community. I kinda thought maybe it wasn’t wise for “kimmer” to post her story as it may promote anorexia…. little did I know then.
I never really tried KimKins, but I did listen to the advice of not eating if not hungry and no such thing as starvation mode. It validated the poor habits I had developed over the years and was trying to overcome until I read her postings.
While I know better than to trust and not verify it was very appealing and was what I wanted to hear. So even though the actual diet didn’t do me harm, some of her advice affected my thinking and I continued in bad habits which have affected my overall health.
I was banned when I started asking about maintenance on the forums after she was publicly exposed as a fraud.
This woman is a parasite and needs to be stopped to many have been harmed by her.


September 30, 2008

I joined kimkins around December of last year. I got so sick from my first attempt that I quit after only a few days. I can’t blame that on kimkins as I’m sure it was sugar withdrawal (can happen on atkins too). BUT, I started the plan and stuck with it in March. I stayed on the plan for 2 months. After a few weeks, my emotions went flat. I didn’t feel happy, sad, anything. It was really bad. I stopped the plan as I felt I was choosing between being fat or being clinically depressed. After about 2 weeks, my hair began falling out by the hands full. My hair is thin to start with so you can imagine my panic. It didn’t stop falling out for a solid month. Fortunately, I still had hair left when it was all over with. I did have a net loss of around 10 pounds. The 18 I gained back promptly (without eating too many calories for my body) was enough to let me know that kimkins is a farse. (as if the hair loss and depression weren’t enough). Shame on you Heidi Diaz! You stuffed your pockets with the hopes of people desperate to lose weight. You suckered those who placed their trust in you. You lied to people to hide the truth about who you really are and what you are really made of. May the Lord have mercy on your soul.


September 30, 2008

I joined kimkins after the womans world article and swiftly lost 40 pounds in 3 months. During this time I came to the realisation that I might be losing weight but I wasn’t living. I was dizzy and my life became sedentary due to the lack of food. My hair also started to fall out. That is when I started to cheat just to feel better for a day. If I had something planned that week I would plan a cheat to be able to cope with the activity. Yes I was eating sometimes as low as 300 cals, not every day but at times, and I was enjoying it. It was addictive. Slowly I started to realise this is not good and when christins pod cast message aired I said my farewells and left.

I would just like to say this as I am now in a place where I can speak my mind without fear of getting banned.



Would you purchase an experimental drug and take it knowing that the doctor was a liar and complete fraud. Knowing that side effects are starting to emerge. Knowing that yes it works but at what cost. Would you take it knowing that there is possible heart valve complications that you could lose your hair and cause irrepairable damage to your kidneys. No! So why are we doing a diet that fits the above criteria.


September 30, 2008

I am a member at the Kimkins site and have been very grieved about the number of women there who have and are still suffering serious medical problems due to these very diets.

When you first look at the plans…they seem strict but not “too” bad. But inevitably, after an initial “whoosh” there’s a slowdown in weight loss. This is when another whole level of the “diet” is pulled out by the members and the leaders…the unpublished plan.

People go from “strict” to “even stricter” when they are highly encouraged to go as low in calories as possible…many of the “big” losers hang out around 300-500 calories daily.

Also, because the plans don’t have much in the way of fiber to “push things through”…it’s encouraged to take laxatives daily. The owner of the site, Kimmer, even goes as far as to say that people shouldn’t be afraid to do this since recent studies show that they’re perfectly safe and not addictive after all. (omg)

People don’t eat much, take laxatives…it’s a breeding ground for eating disorders to be triggered and/or developed. And even though people are complaining of nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and bowel complications–they are just told to “stick it out…it’ll pass…stay tough.”

Every day, I see friends of mine there…making poor choices and the leadership not only fails to step in and encourage healthier courses of action…they add to the climate of poor health by continuing to encourage the lower calories and laxative abuse.

I hope as people who have left do share their stories here…that those still there will somehow come to their senses and see things for what they really are.