Now is the time.

Each signature a sign

Each story a blessing

Lighting a candle for the past

and protecting our future.

 Please sign.

                 Never has doing so little

                 meant so much


4 Responses to “Petition”

  1. Jen Billing said

    i was banned yesterday, because i left a message on the ask Kimmer forum to please show herself once and for all, and how depressed i was that my support team had left. This morning i have no access. i paid a lifetime membership in march-who does she think she is………..?the msg i got when i tried to go to the forums was -tos violation-which terms of service did i violate-my right to voice my concerns? to plead for the truth?
    Kimmer has a lot of nerve…..i hope that she pays for this scam dearly

  2. kimkinssmith said

    Thank you for speaking out, Jen. Your strength will be a pillar to those who are uncertain.

  3. Jen said

    I suffered severe vitamin loss and damage to my body from Kimmer’s “wonderful” ideas. I was a member of the LCF site years ago and she started her scam then. I was devastated and scared for myself and to this day, I feel so sad that I let her make me believe this was good.

  4. kimkinssmith said

    I am so sorry for your ailments as a result of this VLCD.

    She convinced so many people. Do not be sad.

    You are a miracle and a blessing.

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