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5 Responses to “Contact”

  1. AA said

    To everyone:
    Stay away from KIMKINS. You will literally die if you stay on it. I lost all my hair and now you can see my totally see my scalp and i am in my early 20’s! it is sickening to know that this happened due to her GENIOUS of a diet. I hope she rots.

  2. Norah said

    I am so glad that people have realized that this diet is bad news. I just heard about it today so of course I had to check out the website. After reading about cutting out fruits and some vegetables I was shocke. But what shocked me the most was this quote:

    Do I have to exercise?

    Absolutely not! While cardio has many benefits including conditoning and toning, it does relatively little for weight loss. If a 200 pound woman walked 2 miles she would burn 175 calories. This means it would take 20 days to lose just 1 pound!

    Some people will actually avoid beginning a diet because they dread the required exercise of most plans. With Kimkins it’s a no brainer! No exercise required.”

    Of course exercise is required. It is the only HEALTHY proven way with proper diet to loose weight. Yes exercise does make people not want to go on a diet but it really isn’t hard. All it takes is a half hour walk a day. I did that and lost 30 pounds in 3 months. I felt great!
    I was amazed to see that they charge people per month to be part of this group. To me that feels like you are paying to kill yourself.
    Just go for a quick walk PLEASE. No fad diets!

  3. Thomas Bumgardner said

    Ever time I eat just about all veggies I vomit why?

  4. Jackie said

    I think I have just been BANNED from Kimkins. I was on it about a year ago and started losing my hair so I stopped. I got in touch with them and they told me to use Biotin. I did but it did not make a difference . I got on the site again today and asked some woman that says it is a great diet, if she had hair loss too. I logged out to do something then tried to get back in and I cannot. I dont really care even though I have paid a life membership but wonder if my hair will stop falling out so much.

  5. Nice Articles, thanks for this, I really liked your blog!

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