September 30, 2008

Wow, I joined KimKins in June or July of ‘06. In the beginning I did read posts by “kimmer” and the others, being the site was new, it was easy to keep up. I didn’t jump into the diet or forums because I was waiting to read the e-book that was promised as part of my membership. I was looking forward to all the information being in one handy place and be able to print it out so I could read it elsewhere. Well, that e-book never happened. Over the prevailing months I basically only went to the site to read the success stories. There seemed to be new ones everytime I visited.
There was one in particular that caused me to raise my eyebrows. A “Victoria” who was a dancer and lost 18lb. She claimed to be 5′7″, which is my height and her high weight was less than my normal low weight. It seemed she was an example of the eating disorder that is prevalent in the ballet community. I kinda thought maybe it wasn’t wise for “kimmer” to post her story as it may promote anorexia…. little did I know then.
I never really tried KimKins, but I did listen to the advice of not eating if not hungry and no such thing as starvation mode. It validated the poor habits I had developed over the years and was trying to overcome until I read her postings.
While I know better than to trust and not verify it was very appealing and was what I wanted to hear. So even though the actual diet didn’t do me harm, some of her advice affected my thinking and I continued in bad habits which have affected my overall health.
I was banned when I started asking about maintenance on the forums after she was publicly exposed as a fraud.
This woman is a parasite and needs to be stopped to many have been harmed by her.


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