September 30, 2008

Hello All,

Wow your stories are heartbreaking. I’m grieved to hear of the many issues you have had with Kimkins.

I have been on Kimkins since June of 07 and yes I lost hair (I have inreased my carbs and calories and still lose). So I went to my Dr. and discussed Kimkins with her and my hairloss. She researched kimkins and gave me a clean bill of health and assured me that as I reached my goal weight and began maintenance and increased my calories that my hairloss would stop. She was absolutely correct all of these things have corrected itself. I have realized that I have to be smart in the way I eat. What does that mean? From the time I spoke with my Dr. to present I no longer allow my calories (When I’m actually counting) to drop below 1200/1500 a day. Yes, I still lose and am much healthier. I usually have two low carb meals a day and a regular meal with my family at dinner and am still able to lose, it all has to do with portion control. I do not support taking laxatives daily to move things through. That is very dangerous!

It is very important that you have veggies everyday. I believe with any WOE you have to listen to your body and not allow yourself to fear food. Elohim did not create food for us to fear it, He created it to sustain us.

Thank you for your concern and your help to those who are severly wounded by this WOE, however everyone has to work smarter with ANY WOE.

Please, understand that I’m not here to endorse all of the ways Kimkins has done things and I agree that IF this WOE of eating is taken to an extreme it can and will be detrimental to your health.

Thank you for your blog space


One Response to “Traci”

  1. jim said

    why would anyone pay 79.95 for information that is available all over the web? Google the subject of refeeds and free meals and you’ll get more info than you could ever read. These companies just repackage old methods to get your money. Don’t be afraid, google the darn subject yourself and save your $. Bodybuilders and fitness people have been using these principles for decades. Choose to be the shepherd, not the sheep….

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