September 30, 2008

I am a member at the Kimkins site and have been very grieved about the number of women there who have and are still suffering serious medical problems due to these very diets.

When you first look at the plans…they seem strict but not “too” bad. But inevitably, after an initial “whoosh” there’s a slowdown in weight loss. This is when another whole level of the “diet” is pulled out by the members and the leaders…the unpublished plan.

People go from “strict” to “even stricter” when they are highly encouraged to go as low in calories as possible…many of the “big” losers hang out around 300-500 calories daily.

Also, because the plans don’t have much in the way of fiber to “push things through”…it’s encouraged to take laxatives daily. The owner of the site, Kimmer, even goes as far as to say that people shouldn’t be afraid to do this since recent studies show that they’re perfectly safe and not addictive after all. (omg)

People don’t eat much, take laxatives…it’s a breeding ground for eating disorders to be triggered and/or developed. And even though people are complaining of nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and bowel complications–they are just told to “stick it out…it’ll pass…stay tough.”

Every day, I see friends of mine there…making poor choices and the leadership not only fails to step in and encourage healthier courses of action…they add to the climate of poor health by continuing to encourage the lower calories and laxative abuse.

I hope as people who have left do share their stories here…that those still there will somehow come to their senses and see things for what they really are.


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