January 21, 2008

I first heard of Kimkins in late June, 2007. I read of Kimmer’s amazing weight loss and maintenance. Her story and pictures, and the other success stories, were so inspiring that I paid for my membership and jumped right in.
At first it was confusing. The information given wasn’t clear as to quantities and limits but I read other’s questions and the answers given by Kimmer and the moderators and followed their instructions. I had never done low carb before but I was excited to start.

At first I wasn’t as low as I was supposed to be but I was still losing quickly and I was hooked. Eventually, I got my carbs and fats to the amounts stated and went on to lose 50 pounds. The weight loss made it easy to ignore the dizziness, nausea, and exhaustion. I brushed off the concerns of friends and family about the amount of food I was eating and for my health. I had read many accounts of other members experiencing the same side effects that I was having and the responses explaining them away as normal, signs they were doing the diet correctly. I read many Fitday accounts and felt guilty that my calories and fats weren’t as low as many that were praised for how they were doing the diet. I strived to get them there. I used Fitday to keep track of everything I ate. Every thing. I was spending most of my time on the site in the threads that posted progress reports and pictures. Seeing the difference in the appearance of other members was enough to keep me from letting the side effects I was experiencing worry me. I realize now how obsessed I’d become with seeing the numbers go down on the scale.

I think the first thing that had me questioning the validity of the diet and it’s founder were the bannings. I witnessed a teenage member being encouraged to lower her already very low calories. When she spoke up for herself there were members who attacked her for it. They were allowed to say the things they did without being reprimanded or banned, but the teen was banned. This made me begin to realize that the bannings were happening to protect Kimkins/ Kimmer/ Heidi Diaz and not for the stated protection of the members. More and more bannings were happening. It appeared that anyone who dared to speak out, question, or voice their concerns were losing their so called lifetime memberships stating TOS as the reason for the ban. Yet, those that supported Kimkins were being allowed to reply in obvious violation of TOS without repercussion. Around this time I discovered that Kimmer/Heidi’s explanation for Becky’s absence was a lie and it confirmed that much was being hidden, lied about, and protected and I no longer felt confident in the program’s founder, or those running the site.

In addition to the other side effects I was experiencing I had started losing my hair. I went searching the site to see if any others were experiencing hair loss and discovered people being banned for asking the same questions I myself had. They and their posts would quickly disappear. I would read them and then, poof, they were gone.

It was in a thread concerning the deletion of someone’s journal that I decided it was a good place to ask how I could post within TOS so I could state my concerns, ask questions about what I was experiencing and share information I had learned without risking the membership I had paid for. I made just a few posts and though I made no TOS violation, my membership was quickly rescinded without notice, warning, or reimbursement of my nearly $60 “lifetime” membership fee. It was later discovered through posted correspondence between Singinglass and Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) that I was banned because I had chosen a duck avatar from those that Kimkins supplied and Heidi didn’t trust anyone with a duck avatar.
It was very difficult to stop the diet because my view of food had changed dramatically. I had to force myself to increase my calories. I had an even harder time increasing my fat intake and though it took me a while, I did it. I made an appointment with my doctor and honestly told her what I had been eating. She was horrified and very concerned for my health. It’s been several months and I’m still going through testing from both my regular doctor and the Endocrinologist she has sent me to. I’m still experiencing dramatic hair loss.

Reading through sites and blogs on the internet I learned that I, like many others, had fallen for a scam. I discovered that those Heidi Diaz and her staff labeled as “haters” were actually people who were sincerely concerned for members of Kimkins. It was proven that the pictures of both Kimmer/Heidi Diaz and her fabricated success stories, were all stolen from online Russian bride sites. Heidi Diaz had NOT lost the weight she claimed and was actually morbidly obese. While she was doling out her guidance and advice, while she was talking about how “she” did the diet and about “her” success and maintenance, she was lying to me and every other member of Kimkins. She had no training in nutrition. She didn’t even have any personal experience to back her claims. Her account of the photo shoot for her (fake/stolen) red dress after picture where she had to twist and turn, so many of the success stories of members praising Kimmer for her diet and the weight loss they achieved were merely stolen pictures with fake stories that Kimmer/Heidi Diaz wrote herself.

My hope is that anyone considering following the Kimkins diet will reconsider trusting their health and money to Heidi Diaz. We all want to lose the weight we need to lose but not at the risk of our health and certainly not for the profit of someone who needs to rely on fabricated successes or elaborate lies in order to gain financially from our desire to get healthy. Please take advantage of all the free information available on the web and choose a safe weight loss program. If you were unfortunate enough to have joined Kimkins please consider joining the class action lawsuit. Losing weight should be a journey towards health, not the road to it’s decline.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.


8 Responses to “MrsM”

  1. katinsac said

    It’s really sad when a diet site will not let you ask questions and get answers to things that are going on with your body while you are following that diet. Then to ban you if you do ask…definately something wrong with that whole picture. I’m sorry you suffered at the hands of Heidi Kimberly Diaz as so many did.

    If you are doing Kimkins or thinking about doing Kimkins, DON’T!! Read these survivor stories…unlike Kimmer’s, they are TRUE!!

  2. […] Posted on January 21, 2008 by anonymous Please visit the Kimkins Survivors blog and read MrsM’s story. […]

  3. avenuegirl said

    To the owner of this blog – thank you for all the help and work. I’m taking this as a day of appreciation for others who have helped me to survive this mess.

    Thank you to others who have shared your stories.

  4. avenuegirl said

    Thank you for posting this blog – thank you for all the help and hard work. I’m taking this as a day of appreciation for others who have helped me to survive this mess.

    Thank you to others who have shared your stories.

  5. Adel said

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story on this blog. I am from singapore (in asia.) I learned about Kimkins from the LowCarbFriends site and started to follow Kimmer’s plan on May 2007. I was on Kimkins for just 3 weeks and lost 18 pounds. However, i decided to stop after i became extremely depressed and lethargic all the time. My skin also became very dry and peeled around the side of my mouth. I missed my period and had chronic constipation. I have also realised that my immunity went waaay down after going on Kimkins. Even up till today, i get sick much more often, about twice a month. My metabolic rate has also slowed down.

    Even though i was on Kimkins for only 3 weeks, it has done some damage to my health. After stopping Kimkins, all the weight returned within 1 1/2 months.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your story with us. It is my hope that less people will fall victim to this diet scam.

  6. Rift said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Rift.

  7. peachy said

    Wow, that sounds horrid!

    I want to say 1 thing about the hair loss. That wasn’t necessarily their doing. Any time that you lose a lot of weight very quickly, your hair will thin and sometimes fall out – it’s because of how fast you’re losing. It usually grows back longer, thicker, and healthier than it was before.

    If you still want to try a diet, I would recommend This is a weight loss support forum, based mostly in the UK but coming to the USA, which has a lot of members on several different diets – liquid diets, VLCDs, Weight Watchers…. and browsing their site will give you information as well as support. The owners and moderators are very careful, and I completely trust them.

    Mail me if you want to discuss other options further. I’m on a diet right now, myself, and have lost quite a bit of weight rapidly without loss of my hair, and in the meantime I’m learning the right ways to eat food, and how it’s more about what you eat than it is about how much of it.

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