December 1, 2007

My name’s Lily and I’ve been lurking on these threads since late June. I tried Kimkins myself then, and lost 30 pounds in about two months – which I thought was fantastic. And then, I couldn’t lose any more. Like many others, I kept dragging my calories down to the point where I’d eat nothing but a plain chicken breast for dinner and break down crying the next morning since my scale wouldn’t budge. My hair started to thin out, dizzyness was commonplace, but thankfully my husband convinced me to go back to high protein/high fat (I’ve had problems with EDs in my teens and early 20s – I’m 30 now).

At first glance, the diet seemed fantastic (especially with all of those supposed success stories) – even though I found Kimmer’s before and after pics more than suspect. I spent the early years of my career as a TV news reporter, and despite my own instincts – and the glaring evidence telling me otherwise – I chose to ignore them out of my own desperation to lose weight. And now I’ve severely compromised my health as a result.

I’m sure my story is like the countless other ones here, but I wanted to post because of something else with respect to the whole Heidi/Kimkins saga that kicks pretty close to home for me. Without a doubt, Heidi has a classic case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Having read through the threads here, I know that it’s been mentioned before – but I have to say she’s spot on. My mother was diagnosed with NPD years ago (which she says is just the opinion of a quack doctor who knows nothing – lol) and every element of this situation is a mirror of the behavior I’ve witnessed myself over the years.

I have to give much love and respect to all of you here for every effort made to reveal the truth – and stand by it – regardless of how hard it has been at times. You have a fan and an ally.


from “Why the Fascination with Kimmer” #10


2 Responses to “Lily”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    thanks you for sharing the horrors of .
    I hope you continue healing.

  2. […] Kimkins Survivor ~ Lily Posted on December 1, 2007 by anonymous Please be sure to visit the Kimkins Survivors blog to read the post about Lily. […]

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