Important lawsuit information

November 13, 2007

In light of Kimmer’s recent admission that she is Heidi Diaz on the Kimkins website, I felt it would be a good time to reiterate that which I have said for a long time.Join the lawsuit.

The more numbers behind us, the stronger we are. We are still in need of class reps and every voice against this fraud counts.

Heidi has offered a refund to people who follow certain procedures on her website for the next three days.

Reject that offer.

It is time for Heidi to stand up in a court of law and for the honest truth to come out.

If you have requested a refund, when you receive it, send it back and join the lawsuit.Heidi will only truly come to justice in a court of law.

To join, simply send your name, address, day and evening phone number, approximate join date and amount paid to to

from Kimkinlawsuit’s weblog


5 Responses to “Important lawsuit information”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    Thanks for all the work you are doing keeping the stories of those effected by Kimkins, Kimmer et al out where anyone thinking about doing the nutritonally bankrupt kimkins diet can see for themselves what they are in for should they do it.
    One day soon the kimpire will be legally taken down

  2. BamaGal said

    Tanks for all you do. Also many thanks go out to those brave enough to share their gripping stories.

  3. Angela Atkinson said

    THANK YOU for exposing this. I now know why am so exhausted… chronic fatigue, thinning hair…ect…digestive problems developed Gerd…I now know why……..I had played with this diet long before I ever signed up for Kimkins…lost 48 pounds (pics to prove it.)gained it back…Then I actually joined and haven’t really done more than login a few times..when I was feeling desperate about my weight again.I just couldn’t bring myself to stick with it when I was weak and my muscles felt like jello my heart beat funky and kidneys hurt.Thank God I lost my will power!!! Thank you for exposing this……….this could be deadly in the wrong person and definetly in a person prone to anorexia.Thank you.

  4. OhYeahBabe said

    Angela, have you signed up for the a href=””> Kimkins lawsuit?

    I’m very sorry your health was impacted so badly. I wish you well in your road to health restoration!

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