Miss Christine

October 16, 2007

My name is Christine, and I also was on Kimkins. Now I am not sure what plan I am going to use to continue on my shedding journey. My MIL told that I didn’t want to lose weight because when you lose something you want to find it again so I shed weight instead because I never plan on finding these numbers again. Unless they are in my bank account. Anyway, I just turned 45 at the beginning of the month and celebrated my 25 anniversary with my best friend and husband in June. I have three wonderful children 24, 22, and 19. Two boys and a girl. I have alway been chunky but after my first was born I just kept gaining. I have a hypothyroidism that went untreated for 17 years and 2 years ago I found out that I have PCOS and am insulin resistant.

I guess I didn’t totally understand the Kimkins plan because I just worried about staying below 20 carbs. I never worried about my fats or calories. I never gave up my butter, coconut oil, cream or raw milk. I shed 37 pounds and have been in a stall for over 6 weeks. Have been losing inches like crazy but would like to see the scale move. I guess the reason the scale isn’t moving right now is because I have started swimming and I swim 40 laps or 1000 meters 4 days a week. I am trying to make it 5 days but just haven’t gotten there yet. Hopefully I will starting next week.

I have enclosed the Ebook send out by Kimmer early this week. I guess this was thrown together to stop people from requesting refund through Paypal for not fulfilling her agreement. It is a real joke. Enjoy the laugh.

from lowcarbdiscussion.com, “Kimkins Survivors”


2 Responses to “Miss Christine”

  1. malditang doktora said

    where’s the ebook? thanks

  2. 2big4mysize said

    I’m sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her
    scam on Kimkins.com.

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