October 8, 2007

Jeannie is terribly misleading. I sent my diet log personally to Kimmer/Heidi and was instructed to reduce my calories (running around 700 at the time) and my protein “If I wanted faster losses.” When I was a member on KimKins, I complained that I was stalling due to starvation mode and was chastized that there was no such thing! All I had to do was lower my calories further! Constipated? Take 1/2 the usual dose of Milk of Magnesia daily, that’ll keep the pipes working. This coming from Heidi/Kimmer, an obese woman who enticed us with fake photos and her own fake FitDay diet weight loss log & journal. Makes me question everything now. I CARE about who this Kimmer is, if she based the diet on years of lies and her own faked before and after photos, that diet plan lost all credibility. I am now banned from Kimins for having a different view of that diet. I discovered she faked most of the Success stories. ANYONE having a different view of that diet or questions anything will have their posts removed and then eventually they too, will go *POOF*. So much for paying for a lifetime membership. You will find NO dissenters as you read the Kimkins posts, they simply are not allowed to exist. You will however find posts from the new administrators that will say “Who cares who this Kimmers WAS…this diet works!”

from comments, “Kimkins Rebuttal”


One Response to “Susan”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    I’m sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her
    scam on
    Hope you are doing better

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