October 4, 2007

Another Kimkins survivor here. I started in June and lost 21 pounds in 21 days…and then came to a dead stop. My hair was falling out, I couldn’t potty, I couldn’t stay awake, I had no energy, I felt waves of nausea and dizziness every time I changed positions…and worst of all, I was becoming completely obsessed b/c I was trying to keep up with everything on there–you know–low, low calories, very small portions, etc. I am no stranger to low carbing, that’s why I feel sooo stupid. I did Protein Power my senior year in high school, and lost 60 pounds in 3 months and felt FANTASTIC the whole time. I’ve always had a glucose issue, not diabetic but it’s always lurking in the future, you know? So lowering my carbs works like magic, but my resolve always seems to falter a month or two in, I feel like the goal is so very far away–I’m just over 300# and want to get to at least 175…at Kimkins the support the first month was just incredible. But as I felt worse and worse, and got more and more obsessed with the scales, I decided I had to get out. So I took a two month hiatus, went back like last week sometime, had someone ask me if I’d heard all the drama………..and to my morbid fascination, I came upon Jimmy’s apology (thank you so much, Jimmy, I know that was hard—I have to say, your endorsement was a real clencher for me, so your apology was even more meaningful once I’d realized I had been totally duped), the pictures, the articles, on and on. And after that I couldn’t bring myself to post anymore. Dear, dear Pat in Mich wrote her goodbye, I saw it and thought, man I gotta go!!! Pat was always sooooooooooo kind to me and if she was leaving, and Christin and Deni and everyone else that had given me hope, well, there was no reason to stay. When Pat left she mentioned controversy. Someone wanted to know what she was talking about, so I told them. I told them Kimkins is a rip off of the real low carb deal, that she’s screwing with fundamentals that have been painstakingly researched, undermining Atkin’s hard work, etc. You would not believe the responses I got. Anyway, as someone who knows the low carb game inside out, I have been a fool and I hope you all will allow me to join you. I could answer low carb questions in my sleep with scientific gibberish to boot, but still I did Kimkins out of hope—-and out of need for support. That is the only thing going for that blasted website. I sent another message this morning and included the links for Christin and Deni and so forth…I’m sure being banned is a short matter of time. It was Christin’s shining face on the cover of WW that drew me…I wanted HER succes, Deni’s succes, b/c they were real and tangible and their B/A pics matched! I thank God Pat in Mich sent me a link to here. I need support from all you wonderful people!!!
Here’s to healing, and here’s to getting out of the relentless “I’m not good enough, I’m eating 502 calories so it’s my fault I’m stalled, I CAN’T DO IT B/C KIMMER SAID I’M SCREWING UP” mentality.
(and p.s. sorry so long!!)…

…As anyone knows who has gone through the wonderful tumult that is pregnancy, there’s a certain little thing people like to call “placenta brain”. This refers to the fact that pregnant ladies kinda get a little less “sharp” than they used to be. Well, I totally fell into that category, let me tell you. I was getting much better til I did the dreaded “K” plan. I couldn’t complete sentences correctly, couldn’t remember to do things I was used to doing as a routine, would reverse everything I tried to say…for instance, I would tell my husband things like Honey, I left the floor on the diaper bag…now, slips like that happen to us all and are funny, but this was happening every time I would open my mouth. I swear, I felt small and green with pointed ears, I sounded like I was trying to be Yoda or something. Anyway, since I stopped I’ve come back to full mental capacity…which may have lacked a little sanity originally, but I digress. I just don’t know, ladies….it seems like something else hits me everyday as to how awful I felt and how relieved I feel to be loose from it, free from it.
I’m not banned yet. I went back and deleted my recent posts on there. I’m all paranoid now, so I tried to delete everything I could. The last two times I went on there just to look at the boards my computer locked all up and I had to shut down. Weird enough for me!

from lowcarbdiscussion.com “Kimkins Survivors”


3 Responses to “ctplr2btrfly”

  1. doggygirl said

    Please don’t worry about whether you are banned “yet” or not…or worry about your posts and deleting them or not. PLEASE PLEASE focus on your baby, and really enjoying this time in your life! Kimmer cannot do anything else to you. She got a few $$, but that’s it.

    My heart goes out to all Kimkins survivors – but you especially kimkinsmith. Take care of your baby – and take your time researching what you think will be the best food program for yourself and your family in the long term.

    Many Hugs – Doggygirl

  2. Rteh said

    I had the brain fog too. I have started high dose epa omega 3 fish oil capsules. I am taking 6 per day for 12 weeks then down to the normal dose of 2 per day. This was recommended on the bottle. After only a few days I feel a lot better. I don’t know if it is psychological or not but I am feeling better. I guess with all the fake success stories we were the kimmer experiment. We were the guinea pigs.

  3. 2big4mysize said

    I’m sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her
    scam on Kimkins.com.
    Hope you are doing better now

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