October 3, 2007

OK this is a big step for me! I said my good-byes at Kimkins……

“HI! I just wanted to start off by saying THANK YOU for all the support that everyone has given me here. You are the main reason why I stayed here for so long. I have been going back and forth saying “Yes I’m going to stay I don’t care what Kimmer looks like, All I care about is that I am losing weight” then saying “Something is seriously wrong. I do not want anypart of this”. So I have decided to leave. I will miss everyone here and the forum that we onced had. I have a family, a job…..a life that needs me, but every since this happend I have been slacking at everything. Some might say why? Kimkins has been a BIG part of my life. This WOE is on my mind at all times, so now I can’t help but to think about all that is being said. I’m a “what if” kinda gal (yeah I know it’s bad), so all I can think about is “what if” all this is true? Am I willing to live with it for the rest of my life to lose weight on this WOE when there is other forums out there. I have had this image of Kimmer in my head for over 5 months now and to find out it might not be true? Thats to hard for me. I’m not going to get into my feelings about banning, and all the lawsuite contrevorsy. I just hope everything turns out “right” Whatever that might be.

Now I’m not accussing anyone of anything because I am also a innocent until proven guilty person. I just wish I knew why Kimmer will not come out and say “No, my friends……..this and this isn’t true.” I would completly understand if she said. “yes I gained the weight back” I would be here to push her back to goal, but there is alot of other things being said. Alot of people are leaving. One of the most recent is Sue whom I adore. I can’t lie….I am worried about the health issue as is my family. I know everyone reacts differently, but my turning point was when I decided to start the gym and the feeling that I got. I had no energy at all. For the last couple of days I have been upping my everything and I feel so much better and the gym today was awesome. I didn’t have to stop at all! Please no one take this out of context because I’ve made a decision to better health. I want to be thin, but I also want to have the energy to play at the park with the kids for hours without getting to tired.

I’m glad I have lost over 50 pounds and will never forget that Kimkins helped me get here. I just will do the rest a healthier slower way. Thank you agian everyone! I will miss you all. Hopefully I will not be banned until I can PM some of my friends here.”

Sorry it is long, but I will truley miss the people there.

from lowcarbdiscussion, “Kimkins Survivors”


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