October 3, 2007

This smiley describes me so well,, adrift. I’ve been on the other site for a few months now, bouncing back and forth with other forums reading EVERYthing there is TO read. I was flabbergasted to say the least. Not comfortable where I was, it’s the same thing over and over again, was getting so redundant to me. I had been *turned on to* the other diet by a friend in chat. Her and some friends had found this miracle diet and she had already lost like 15lbs in a couple weeks. I thought WOW,, I can do that! So I did! Went like gangbusters too! Lost 30 lbs in 2 months, which for me was a miracle, the only time i’ve ever lost weight was when I was pregnant and I lost 85!! I began noticing some changes in uhm,, to put it delicately, my morning constitutional, (my granny called it that) but I didn’t think anything of it, figuring, hey i’m not eating as much, so things will change. In talking to the friend that originally introduced me to the plan,, she ended up having to go to the er for same related problems,, referred her back to her family dr, ending up on meds just so she can potty ok!! THATS NOT FOR ME!! I started reading some of the ladies blogs and things in other forums,, changed things around some for me, added some fat back,, some fiber, fruit here and there. I’m at a great big ole standstill!! Haven’t gained OR lost anything in weeks. I’m hoping that’ll change soon as my body re-adjusts. I had heard there was a forum for survivors, couldn’t find it though. Thought to myself, i’m not a survivor, I didn’t have the god-awful problems, but yet I did feel a sense of betrayal. Yes I knew someone that had lost. I had lost, other women had lost, BUT at what cost?
I read Christins and Deni’s blogs everyday, along with some others, clicking on links in one of the others is what lead me here. I saw many familiar faces in reading the thread. But the tears didn’t come til I actually SAW posts from Christin and Deni, then I saw Regandy (becky) and I saw Sue,, who started the challenge forum I had joined.. by then the tears had dried up some and I knew in my heart I was gonna be ok!! Thank you Jimmy for having somewhere for my little boat to dock. I’m going to spend this weekend reading the other threads in your forums and trying to get myself back on a good positive track. Sorry this is so long,, but thank you ALL for being here!!!

from lowcarbdiscussion, “Kimkins Survivors”


One Response to “Reesie”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam on
    hope you are doing better now

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