October 1, 2007

Hello everyone,

I too am a Kimkins survivor I think. I say I think because sometimes you don’t know what’s happening to you until later. Plus I have a serious issue that I think was caused by being on the plan but if I mention it many of you will recognize who I am. Nothing life-altering I hope but it has taken a big bite out of my life for now.

I am not willing to share too much now because I am still a member at KK but some months ago I started to feel uneasy about the site and all of Kimmer/Heidi’s obvious lies. Come on now, this is her livelihood and it was really taking off if she was who she said she was what would keep a sane person that was a real business person from just coming forward and identifying herself and putting all of this to rest ? instead of banning people left and right if they dare ask an intelligent question…she is an obvious fraud and I’m mad at myself because when I joined I knew it from just looking at the success stories . I recognized one of the afters as an actress that I had seen in a movie but I was so desperate to lose weight quickly that I gladly forked over my money and jumped into the plan. I was also insulted because the least she owed the members that paid her was an open letter dealing with the issues that she could have put her own spin on but she obviously feels she’s above even that.

I recognize many of you from the site and have corresponded with you through our journals there but right now I don’t want to post pics or say my username there because I want to leave when I want to not because she deems to ban me. I already have left in that I have not posted on that site for more than a month and I have taken down all my pics . The only thing that the site was good for anyway was the support and encouragement from the other ladies anyway and 1 by 1 they were out of there because of the brewing controversy and just not being able to live a reasonable life on the KK woe. There was no guidance from Kimmer other than eat less, it’s your fault your not losing and take some MoM anyway. No maintenance plan , nothing. The ones that were trying to help us she obviously didn’t value at all because as soon as they asked a ? they were banned with a quickness. I could go on and on but you all know the facts if you want to know and the others that feel well I’m losing my weight so who cares who she is ? I understand that too because I felt that way at first also but I could not in good conscience continue to in any way support that mess.

Now I’m in a place of trying to find something I can transition to that will not make me re-gain all I’ve worked so hard to lose . I’m trying to do Atkins induction for the last few days so I’ll see how that goes.

from lowcarbdiscussion.com “Kimkins Survivors”


2 Responses to “sftruth”

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  2. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam on Kimkins.com.
    hope you are doing better now

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