Thank you, so many

September 22, 2007

Please support these sites and thank them for helping others to heal:Kimkins Exposed, Anti-Kimkins , Becky: Winning Weight , Christin: The Journey ,Deni: Open Bench , Free Kimkins Free, Jimmy Moore’s Apology, Kimkins @ Slamboard, Kimkins Controversy, Kimkins Dangers, Kimkins Sucks! , Kimkins Survivors, Kimorexia, Kkatastrophediet’s Weblog, TRUTH Starts Here, 3 Fat Chicks: Anatomy of a Diet Scam, Inside Kimkins, A Pinch Of… , How Jeanessa Got Scammed, How Much Body Fat Can You Really Lose In A Week?, Jersey Girl: Thoughts on Kimkins , Kimkins Circus , Kimkins Controversy Continues to Boil, Kimkins Debacle; Super Smart Diet Tips, Kimkins Experience Part 1, Kimkins Experience Part 2 , Kimkins Saga Revisited, Kimkins Survivors, Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Anorexic, Tami’s Change in Game Plan, The Problem with Kimkins, Thin at Any Cost, A Running Jewel, Kimkins Circus ,The Quack of Doom: Entering the circus for the first time?, Once Upon A Diet, Someone in Southern California may need an attorney soon, The Final Escape, melting mama: Kimkins Scam. , Have you ever screamed so loud that the room echoed? « Incredible Shrinking Ladies, Inside the Kimkins Controversy, A Dumbbell In A Home Gym: Kimkins: Caveat Freakin’ Emptor. ,Heard of the Kimkins Diet?  Steer Clear it’s a total scam! , Vickie’s Voice: …more of my story… , The Road to Clarity and Transformation: The Kimmer (Kimkins) Controversy and a Parallel Universe , Banished…oh Fo’ Shame. not., a mother’s heart » the kimkins debacle , Vilma’s World » Kimkins on Dateline & other complaints , Because I Said So: KimKims Survivors , Hundred Day Head Start | Kimkins a fraud, Healthy Low-Carb Living Blog: Kimkins – How I Feel About It Now , Back Across The Line: Kimkins Cult Mentality , Good Carbma: Words for Heidi Diaz, Living Low Carb & Lovin’ It!: What an Amazing Day This Has Been!, Borat Does Kimkins: Hello From Borat!, Medusa , Kimkins Nightmares, stepping up to the plate « 2big4mysize’s Weblog, mariasol  , Kimkins Scam, Willa’s Notebook


3 Responses to “Thank you, so many”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    thanks for visiting my new blog

  2. doggygirl said

    If you want to, feel free to add my blog which is There are plenty of beds in the Dog House.


  3. Lowcarb said

    You need to add to your list. Most of the sites out there are getting their information from the fascination kimmer thread. Its a great support site and they are allowing the controversy to be discussed and posted with very little interference. I have been looking at the other blogs and notice that they leave LCF out and I think that is wrong since that site is doing more to let the truth come out then any other.

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