September 21, 2007

I was desperate.  I had a special, long weekend getaway planned with my family in just 2 months.  I remembered reading on a low carb board that kimmer had lost 198 lbs in 11 months.  Surely if she did that I could lose 2 sizes in 2 months.  I remembered how mean she was to people who disagreed with her or questioned her but as I said I was desperate.  I had been losing at a slow but steady rate by doing Atkins and exercizing everyday but that wasn’t good enough now. How much could I mess up my body in just 2 months, right?  I started eating turkey breast and a few vegetables (very few).  After about 3 days I practically had to force myself to eat.  I would go hours without eating because I would forget.  I finally knew what SNATT felt like.  I was miserable but I was in control.  I never had to do any dreaded exercize and I could drink all of the diet pepsi I wanted, none of that nasty water. 

After about 3 weeks I started getting horrible pains in my stomach.  Antacids helped a little but most of the time I was in pain.  One night I got up to let the dog out and almost fell over, TWICE.  I was so dizzy I spent the next day in bed.  My face and lips were all red and chapped, no matter how much lotion or chap stick I used.  I was feeling more and more depressed.  My mother convinced me to go to the doctor.  He told me I was not eating enough and was severly dehydrated. (so kimmer was wrong on 2 points) He also said I had a preulcerous condition and I could get an ulcer if I wasn’t careful.  What about exercize?  My doctor said it’s more healthy to be my size and active than to be a thin woman who gets no exercize. (Kimmer was wrong again)

And here is what takes the cake.  Kimmer said she couldn’t get her picture taken or meet anyone because she has agoraphobia.  I also read that she was on disability because of mental illness.  I am agoraphobic and am on disability because of mental illness.  By taking 4 different medications and a lot of therapy I am able to live a somewhat normal life.  I was afraid to drive and rarely left the house, and never alone.  If I had my choice right now I would never leave my house again. (That is what made the vacation so special.  I was finally going somewhere with my family)  Seeing pictures of kimmer toting stacks of mail to her van made me realize that she wasn’t agoraphobic but rather an obese woman who has lied to thousands and thousands of people.  To use a terrible illness as an excuse to trick people just has me at a loss for words.  Shame on you kimmer.

I started doing atkins induction, drinking a lot of water, and exercizing again.  The pains went away and so did the chapped lips and face.  I feel better physically and mentally.





One Response to “Jazlyn”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam Kimkins.com

    Hope you are doing better now
    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.

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