September 17, 2007

As the member whose journal was deleted and who wrote the original post in the “Nice Try” thread, I feel the need to clarify a few things. When “Kimmer” first opened the “Kimmer Chatter” forum, I naively thought that it was the appropriate venue for the discussion of the controversy. After all, that’s what “Kimmer” led us to believe. So when a member posted a question about wondering what happened to Deni, Christin, and Becky, I posted a link to their blogs so the member could read for herself. My post was deleted. No one ever said that posting certain links was forbidden. I did not receive an email or a PM explaining why my post was deleted. Nor did I receive anything saying I violated the TOS.

I was angry that my post was deleted especially given that the “Kimmer Chatter” forum was characterized as the appropriate place for that type of discussion. Once my post was deleted, I knew that the purpose behind “Kimmer Chatter” was to determine who had concerns about Heidi and the diet. I also realized at that point that the admins and “Kimmer” had every intention of keeping their members in the dark. That day I put the links to Becky’s, Christin’s, and Deni’s blogs into my signature. I then went on posting in various threads. My posts were never anything but positive and supportive. I certainly was not shouting in a restaurant. I was merely allowing members if they chose to to see what was being said by the former admins.

I had been concerned about the contents of my journal for some time. I did not want some new member to come along and read about the 300, 400 calorie days I had been doing and think they should try that as well. I did not want to contribute to any more people being harmed by “Kimmer’s” starvation diet. So I began to replace many of my old posts with links to the blogs. In truth, it’s highly unlikely anyone would have seen them. But I wanted to give people an opportunity to see the other side. I never directed any members to view my journal or the blogs. My posts were not disruptive in anyway. I did not force anyone to look at the information. The links were there for anyone who was curious.

I have gone against my natural inclination to be a peace maker by even involving myself in this controversy. But I could not countenance the admins at kimkins actively concealing things from the members.

from “A Running Jewel”


One Response to “Julie”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam Kimkins.com
    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.

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