Anani’s Farewell

September 14, 2007

I left Kimkins almost 2 months ago. I come back into the site occasionally because I met some lovely people here that I truly came to care about and I like to check on them and make sure they are okay, but today will be the last time. I can’t bear to come here again. I feel like I am wading through a sewer now when I come here in light of what we have all learned about Kimmer. I’m sorry if that’s harsh but it’s just how I feel. So many people have been hurt by Kimmer either emotionally/physically or both. The latest heartbreaking casualty was KimATC. She has been utterly devastated by Kimmer’s treatment of her.

I have debated long about posting this. I know what’s going through your minds…Oh another “hater”. I can hear you telling me to get a life, You’re just jealous, If you don’t like KK, get out and leave us alone”. Well I have a wonderful life and no I am definitely not jealous. I’m writing this as a last ditch effort to reach you. For no other reason than I care deeply about what happens to all of you. It’s just a matter of time before someone dies from this diet, and I could never forgive myself if I hadn’t done everything I could to reach you.

I have been stunned by so many people’s defense of Kimmer. I have nothing much to say to someone who defends a liar and a fraud. So I’ll move on. I have read over and over so many people saying “ I don’t care who Kimmer is and I don’t care that she lied…the diet works” People like Osusana and many others claim they are here to help the people on this site. They want to stay in their challenges and groups and keep supporting each other. And I can so understand that. There are some truly incredible, caring and wonderful people here. Many of you are probably not really even following Kimkins anymore and have opted to eat healthier, but stay here to support their friends and maybe even advise them to up their calories or fat a bit. I was tempted to do that myself.

But this is what I realized and all of you need to think about this. By staying here for any reason …all of you are helping to legitimize and give credibility to a site that was created for NO OTHER PURPOSE than to scam people out of their money. She created a very dangerous, false crash diet that she didn’t even follow herself. The site is being kept running for NO OTHER PURPOSE than to scam MORE people out of their money.

Many of you feel very badly for how Becky, Deni, Christen and KimATC were treated by Kimmer, but as long as this place exists another Deni or KimATC is walking unsuspecting this farce. Newbies are still signing up every day. By staying here and supporting this site and/or it’s creator you are leaving the door open for more people to get hurt or worse.
Whether you are willing to realize it, there has been a mass exodus of KK members leaving and finding wonderful new homes on other Low Carb sites. I have travelled around a few and I have watched as many have reconnected with friends. You can still continue to support your friends in one of these places…in a non-toxic environment. There are TONS of ex-KKers at Jimmy Moore new Forum. There’s Low Carb Scoop, ALC and yes even LCF. There are some truly incredible people at all of these places. The only “hater” I have met in this mess is Heidi Diaz. One such as she must really hate people to deliberately cause so much pain…to fill her bank account.

Deni’s blog:
Christin’s blog:
Becky’s blog:

from active low carber forums, “Kimmer Kimmer Kimmer”  


3 Responses to “Anani’s Farewell”

  1. kimkinssmith said

    Thank you, Anani. Thank you.

  2. anani said

    Thank YOU!! For creating this beautiful refuge for people to pour out their hearts.

    People that insist on staying at Kimkins need to realize how selfish they are being. Please know I don’t mean to be cruel saying that. But by staying in their support groups and ignoring “the negativity” because it’s so hard to let go of the dream, they are unwittingly helping to create and maintain the dangerous sham that is Kimkins. They are operating the smoke and mirrors. And Heidi is sitting back enjoying the profits and no doubt laughing at their good intentions.
    It literally wrenches my heart every time I think of the person just signing up, filled with that excitement and hope we all first felt. Another to hop on the magic carpet only to have it disintegrate like dust. Leaving her to free fall. And Heidi doesn’t care, because she just stuffed another $60 into her pocket.

  3. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam
    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.

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