September 13, 2007

I first did Kimkins last year to drop a few quick pounds after I lost 60 pounds and regained 20… It worked great, and in three weeks I was back to my goal weight. Then the trouble started: I couldn’t keep the weight off, and for the next year I kept losing and regaining 30 or so pounds. I would do the K/E for three weeks or so, and then I’d go back to low GI eating and gain the weight I’d lost on K/E. I joined the Kimkins thread here, and joined in the communal support for this WOE. I felt fat. I felt miserable and I felt ugly. The more I did Kimkins, the worse I felt. The pounds coming off would never be enough, and I didn’t realise I was getting totally obsessed with food, weightloss and my appearance as I thought other people saw me. I was spiralling out of control, and found I had a very unhealthy view of food, diet and myself. I was deluding myself! I would regularly read the Ask Kimmer thread for inspiration, and I would weigh myself twice a day. Despair would set in if I didn’t see the scale move downwards… I would eat less, and nothing would happen. I remember eating only three hardboiled eggs one day without the yokes; still no weightloss! I don’t know what happened, but I decided to see a counsellor about certain issues I had, and also to deal with my food issues. It’s taken me months to face up to the fact that I have an ED. I don’t know if Kimkins was the start ( I actually doubt it) but I do know that it made my issues with food much, much worse. I am now slowly but steadily recovering, my metabolism is shot, and I’m on a medical approved diet programme that is slowly but steadily teaching me to feed my body again. I have very low blood pressure and am anaemic, and the K/E made all my symptoms much worse. I have had mineral deficiencies and they are now being treated. For the last month I have felt more energetic and awake than in the last 18 months…

I still have major problems with my body and weight, but my counsellor and my anger towards Kimmer are certainly making me feel a whole lot better!
All I can say is that I’m glad that I didn’t pay for this awfully unhealthy WOE, and I want to thank all you savvy and wise people for all that you have uncovered!

I am now refeeding my body with healthy low GI foods (vegetables, protein, fat, fruit, wholewheat, etc) and am glad that I didn’t have any other medical problems due to Kimkins!

I cannot believe that someone can prey on other people in the way that she has. Her deception has certainly rocked my faith in humankind. I have signed the petition, and hope she will be held accountable for her lies.

from lowcarbfriends.com “Why the Fascination with Kimmer?”
Thanks again, and my apologies for being so gullible!


One Response to “Mimosa23”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam Kimkins.com
    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.

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