The power of us

September 11, 2007

Maybe you’ve been lied to.

                                              Maybe you’ve been hurt.

Now you’re wondering what is next? Why me? I wanted to believe.  She seemed thin. She said the plan worked for her.

You wanted to believe in the good of others,

in their beauty, in their hope, in their energy.

Even when doubt crept in, you swept it away like a buzzing gnat; and that’s ok.

You’re human. You’re wonderful. You’re beautiful.

You believed in others; now believe in the power of us.

This is a time for beauty through banding together. This is a time to heal and to help others heal. This is the time to forget past fighting and to remember that,

no matter what,

                                              we are all sisters

no matter what.

Sign the petition. Contact news agencies. File for your membership fees. Continue to share your testimonies through this site.

You heal by helping others to heal. You succeed by helping others to succeed.

We are all sisters.

No matter what.


One Response to “The power of us”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    Thank you for helping victims of Kimmer and her scam

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