September 10, 2007

I am a refugee from the good ship Kintanic. First let me say that I am grateful to this site and to all the blogs for what they have brought to light.

Like so many others, I became a KK Klanswoman after reading the article in Woman’s World magazine. They have a new diet every week but somehow this one appealed to me in a way others had not. The other diets seemed like “fads,” but KK looked as though it was both healthy and effective.

That being said, even from the first there were some yellow flags of uncertainty and doubt. It seemed weird that there were “natural” looking photos of the successful followers of the diet, but that the “after” photo of its founder looked airbrushed and fake. But I did not give it more than a moment’s thought.

I logged on and tried to make my way through figuring out how to do the eating plan. I was almost 300 pounds and wanted the kind of results that were being touted. I made a few posts with questions and usually was referred to the “sticky” threads for FAQs.

It looked like some of the successful members kept their daily menu in fitday. When I first started looking at those entries I was SHOCKED. Many of them were eating around 300 calories a day. On some days they ate only 150. I thought, “I will never be able to do this. I don’t know how anyone can.” I did not really think about the unhealthfulness of such a low calorie diet.

But armed with the expectation that ketosis would decrease my appetite, I plunged into the KK WOE. To my surprise, after a week or so, my appetite WAS gone. I did feel the SNATTY thing and almost had to force myself to eat. I was never able to go as low as 300 calories, but I was keeping to between 450-650.

And the weight started dropping off. I was so jazzed. After a month I did start to notice that my hair was thinning, but I did not care. Every single day when I jumped on that scale, I had a loss. It became an obsession to run for the scale first thing every morning to see how many pounds had magically disappeared overnight.

Then I heard about Jimmy Moore’s refutation of the KK diet. I thought, oh, he’s just bowing to the pressure of his sponsors who do not want him to favor any one low carb diet, and who want to sell their products. Kimkins does not advocate using anything but fresh, natural foods, so that must be their beef.

Next the admins started leaving. One after the other. I thought, well, that’s fine for them, they lost THEIR weight, now they are coming out and saying the plan is bad? What’s up with that? I want the results THEY got. And I was getting them. The pounds kept dropping off, a little more slowly than at first, but still a loss, even if only two-tenths of a pound, every single day. And I still felt SNATTY, headaches and nausea, but I took a few advil every day and plunged ahead.

I was lucky not to have bowel problems, I was using the KK plan with salad greens and vegetables. The advice on laxatives, thankfully, was not something that applied to me personally. Though it was pretty scary to read about taking laxatives, even a partial dose, on a DAILY basis.

Since the Jimmy Moore thing, and the admin blogs, I did start paying attention to some of what was being talked about. I started to get a little concerned about the number of calories I was eating and worried that I would not be able to sustain the weight loss in the end. So I started upping my calories, but not my carbs.

And I stopped losing. After upping them only about 100 calories a day. And then I started gaining. Not a lot, just a couple of pounds. But they won’t go away. Right about the time I hit my stall/mini-gain was when the Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Heidi photos came out. I was stunned. And unbearably depressed. I wanted to binge more than anything.

What was the point? It all was a lie. When something sounds to good to be true, it usually is. The defenses of KK and its founder get more outlandish every day. But have MERCY on those who still believe. If they are losing, they are blinded by that. I know I was. And with posts getting deleted right and left, there are probably MANY who truly do not know what is going on. Everyone comes to their moment of truth on their own. You can’t force it.
Right now I am in no woman’s land. I had tried Atkins a few years ago and stopped losing after 30 pounds. On KK I had lost 50. I honestly don’t know where to go from here.

One of my biggest concerns is that there are probably many, many people who left KK in disillusionment and went back to their old way of eating. I don’t know how we could reach them. To be honest, sometimes the posts on this board seem unnecessarily unkind to those who were innocently hoodwinked. There is sometimes a very strong “I TOLD YOU SO” kind of attitude which I think is not helpful.

No one should feel as though they are having to come with their hat in their hand to LCF for help and support. They are already humiliated and betrayed. Many of them, including me, did not even know LCF existed before all the controversy. So it was not like we initially made a choice of KK over LCF. In short, we were duped.

from “Why the Fascination with Kimmer?”


One Response to “MollyBrown”

  1. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam
    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.

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