September 8, 2007

I just found your forum, and just signed up less than two minutes ago. I am not extremely computer savvy, so bear with me. I am so very thankful for a support, hoping this does not get deleted and that it passes the eyes of anybody who may need it or be interested. I have never done anything like this, and have never told this to any of my family, my friends, husband or doctor. I started kimkins several months ago and lost a lot of weight very fast, very fast.

I am an honest lady and do not want to offend or appear indelicate, but am taking a deep breath here and being open and honest. I realize this may sound bizzare, I could not find anything on the boards at KK about it, I kept plowing through all the forums….but this is the absolute truth, and you can put me on a polygraph – as is the way I live my life, above reporach. However, shortly after starting I noticed my stools and urine were red, bright red. I first, erroneously, attributed it to something I drank with the diet beverages. Then I got cramping in my lower left side so severe that finally I could not walk. I mean, SEVERE and the pain was gripping, I walked to one side with holding my side to stay from falling over. Wobbly, to say the least – and we have stairs. I was scared, but embarrassed. As embarrassed as I am now telling how foolish I was, fueled to continue since I had had such rapid results. Spouse away, it ended up that I stayed in bed for a couple
of days, honest truth. I had some suspicions, but to validate my concerns, I got up and tried every reputable dx-and-symptom search-site that would match EXACTLY to every one, without exception, and repeatedly (esp the last, which was on a Mayo clinic site) and determined that without any doubt I had diverticulosis or deiverticulitis, completely new for me as NEVER encountered this. I had progressed to profusely vomiting, then read about the colon, and more, extensively. Couldn’t keep anything down, liquids went right up! Stopped eating and then went very gradual to sips, as tx-directed/suggested on the sites; and then after a couple of days I was keeping liquids without difficulty and got up and managed to get to the drugstore and got a strong laxative (bleeding had stopped, but my lower left side felt like a huge “wad” was “stuck”) in the form of Magnesium Citrate and some stool softener. Took it all, and …. afterwards, I had relief but was so weak I could barely walk around, energy drained.

THEN I went (I am so embarrassed, but hoping this helps somebody, and the truth is so good to finally tell) back on the same diet, but added to go to the “original” kimkins plan (I had been doing the K/E) and modified it somewhat, but still found it very extreme and felt a lot of guilt to go back and say how poorly I was actually doing, even though I was losing – but at a slower rate.

I think this is enough of baring myself; and if anybody has read this far, just again thank you for the opportunity to release this hidden thing that I have never shared. I always wondered if I was the only one, never could find anything about it – and there is NO DOUBT (I am also embarrassed to say that I am a mature adult, recognized community leader, college grad with a medical background – yes, honor student, no less!) what the problem was! I could only hope and pray no longterm damage was inflicted, and still wondered WHY I went back on the program (albeit modified) save for the desperation and for the lurking on a myriad of forums in attempt to learn more, and find answers; but then too I yield to realize the power of the peer pressure that I was finding with the comraderie on the forums, in addition to my remaining silent and thinking I was alone in this. So I fanlly just pulled away and did not even respond to personal notes asking where I was, I just wandered off….and whew, finally poked around the Net and….. found you here! BUT….still admittedly very wary (and weary!), oh do believe me.

from “Limkins Question???”


2 Responses to “doitforthekids”

  1. Watcher said

    In fact, your story is a good rebuttal to all those who think anyone with a lick of common sense, education, and a caring social life, would not be fooled by Kimkins and take chances with their life. (I’ve had diverticulitis a couple times – Off to the medico for some antibiotics pronto quick.) And the fact that NO ONE knew except yourself – this, too, is classic behavior and how can anyone rescue you from yourself without knowing what you’re up to? Please heal, and don’t get so desperate that you risk everything to lose weight.

  2. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam

    Hope you are doing better now.

    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.

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