September 5, 2007

Former kimkins tryer/life destroyer here:

Look at my journal if you like. You can see that back last fall I was in great shape and weighed in healthy at 130-135 at 5′6. I gained weight due to stress over the holidays. I went on kimkins for a month, lost weight (mostly muslce). Went from 150 to 128. That weight was only a blip on my weight chart because right when I went back to eating ‘normal low carb’ I blew up to 155. No lie. I wasn’t eating more than 1500 cals a day. I tried exercising but I had to start back at square one. I use to run 6 miles no problem. But when I started back on the treadmill I had to walk and I couldn’t last more than 30 min.

My body was wrecked. My metabolism was wrecked. My skin, hair, self esteem, brain…all wrecked. It’s taking me forever to get back to my old self.

Kimkins is absolutely terrible. I’m sad that I’ve been away so long. i want to catch up on this whole scandal thing going on with it. I can’t seem to find the source of the info though. Like what happened, who started the outcry, what the heck is going on people!!! I’m a gossiper at heart.

Anyways, that’s my story. I haven’t weighed myself in a month. I’m eating atkins right now, trying to get myself under control.

from “New Anti-Kimkins/Kimmer blogs emerging


3 Responses to “Dierdre”

  1. Mimi said


    You can post your Kimkins complaints here for free, and those complaints will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of your fellow consumers.

    Your complaint might save the life of a desperate dieter — a grandmother, a mom, a teen.

  2. Thatgirl said

    So glad you are ok. Hugs!

  3. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam Kimkins.com
    hope you are better now

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