What If?

September 3, 2007

Some ask, “What if?”

What if  the testimonies at “Survivors” are not real?

What if , instead of people who have really followed Kimkins, these were tales planted to scare people? 

What if , instead of honesty, this was a sock puppet blog?

What if,  instead of integrity, this was based on lies?

What if, instead of being what it is, it is what it isn’t?

The only portions written by the author here are unnamed and are original content.

The testimonies are believed to be real and are submitted by people who have stated that they have, in fact, followed Kimkins.

No testimony is repeated twice, edited, or changed by the author without persmission from submittants. and privacy is always assured.

This is a safe place.

No negative comments are allowed nor are they published. The purpose here is healing, support, and love.

People will question, deride and claim this site as a scare tactic.

Is truth a scare tactic?

What if  truth is only what it is and nothing more?


6 Responses to “What If?”

  1. anani said

    I can assure you that I am VERY real. I know I have no way of proving that. Scare tactics? Well… all I can say is if my personal story “scared” anyone…good! That was my intent. Kimkins and it’s creator are scary and dangerous.
    There have been many accusations as to the motives behind those of us who have spoken out. “Jealousy, not tough enough, vindictiveness, boredom, meanness are just a few that have been thrown our way.
    Well, if anyone is interested, here is the story behind my motivation:

    While an active member of Kimkins I belonged to a VERY special group of women. They were each very special and unique in thier own right, but one INCREDIBLE woman stood out…and I know all of the rest of the members of this group would agree with me…when I say this.
    She was intelligent, very articulate,outrageously funny and incredibly supportive. No matter what was going on in her life she ALWAYS found time to post and keep us all motivated. While I was a member she went through some very difficult and tragic personal issues, but again I must stress,ALWAYS found time to post. She was the most giving, thoughtful and loving person I ever met. She lost an enormous amount of weight following Kimkins. From Sept ’06 to July ’07 she had lost over 160 pounds. She was 9 pounds away from her goal and had recently gotten the job of her dreams. We all celebrated with her and she credited a lot of her success to the friends and support in our group. Then VERY SUDDENLY she stopped posting. That was back in early July. The last any one heard of her, she was headed out to buy new clothes (power suits) for her new job and we were all eagerly anticipating hearing the details of what she bought. Bt we never head from her again. During the time of her weight loss, she had 2 scary episodes that put her in the hospital. Both times she passed out cold, once on the street and another at work. First time she felt that it was a sensitivity to aspartame and the second felt it was an allergic reaction as well. It may very well have been.
    But, I am terrified that we never heard from her again. Some of the girls have her personal email and have written to her (desperately worried) and she has never responded. This girl would NEVER let the girls in this group worry about her this way. I don’t know what happened to her …it may not have had anything to do with her weight loss…I just don’t know. No one does. But I can’t escape the fear that it did. The fact is, that it could very well have, and because of this, I feel a constant feeling of almost desperation to do do what I can to prevent anyone from having disastrous health issues from this diet.
    I can assure you, I am far from bored, mean or vindictive. I own and operate 2 business that I should be spending far more time on. But I feel I am partially responsible in this debacle as I as a member welcomed and encouraged people in this dangerous WOE. I ignored all of my own instincts and warning bells in favour of the turbo speed weight loss. If even one person stops or questions this very dangerous plan because of my experiences, then I consider my time here very well spent.

  2. Healthy LCer said


    This was extremely powerful. Gosh, doesn’t anyone know this lady’s name? Maybe someone could find her and make sure she is okay..

    Hugs to you for your bravery, my friend..Carolyn

  3. Sherrie said

    Anani Is her email addy a real email addy and not anon? I wonder if you contacted her isp if they would contact her for you?

  4. kimkinssmith said

    Thank you for your committment to helping heal others, anani. You are a blessing.

  5. anani said

    Healthy LCer and Sherrie – Unfortunately , as far as I know, no one has any personal contact info other than her hotmail address.
    kimkinssmith – Thanks :o) and thanks for creating this place.

  6. Kim said

    Anani –

    Thank you for the great story! I too am a former Kimkins dieter. I tried in April and gave in, then I just went back a couple weeks ago and tried it again. I too passed out cold like the poster you were speaking of, only I passed out on day 6. No idea why until I looked back and realized I had consumed only about 1900 calories over 4 days. That is not nearly enough for anyong! I am back to a healthy WOE and have decided it’s just going to take some time. I’ve read the anti-Kimkins and anti-Kimmer posts and I think some of it is vindictive, but a lot of it is genuine concern for the people doing the program long term and taking her advice of low calories and laxative abuse. I just thank God I wasn’t driving when I passed out. I had been home only about 5 mins when it happened. I hope your rational story and explanation reaches many more people!!!

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