August 6, 2007

I have been on the Kimkins diet since the beginning of June 2007, although I did lose 26.5 pounds during that time, I had several health problems along with that way of eating. My first week on the plan, I chose the Bootcamp option which is strict with 30 minutes of intense exercise daily. I thought I would die by the second day. My body was in shock, I almost passed out on my way home from the gym and layed around the entire rest of the day trying to recoup.So I then transferred over to KE which is no veggies but at least I didn’t  have to exercise while eating low calories. By the end of the first week on this plan, I began to lose hair, had no energy, and was terribly constipated, severe abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness, and weakness not to mention my weight loss stalled and I was only eating 400-500 calories. I thought how the heck could I not be losing on that low of calories. So I then moved on to the shake option which I loved because it was 2 shakes a day and 1 kimkins meal. I had no appetite on this plan and how wonderful I thought. I had to force my self to eat the 1 meal because I was not hungry
at all and so weak I could barely function throughout the day. My moods were awful and I now could not sleep. I felt like a zombie throughout the day, I could not think straight and my vision began to get blurry and now my hair was falling out in clumps, I was due to get a perm but the lady that does my hair wouldn’t touch it until I quit losing hair.

The worse thing was that the auto immune disease I have kept in remission for 5 years has resurfaced because of the starvation I was causing my body to endure. By starving the body of calories and fat, it suppressed my immune system causing the monster to resurface. I thought it was just a coincidence at first, but I contacted Jimmy Moore since his leaving Kimkins and pleaded
with him for advice, he was such a huge help. Without bashing Kimkins or any other diet, he suggested that I add more calories and good fats to my diet. I followed his advice and within 3 days my hair quit falling out. By the 5Th day I had energy, I slept like a log and every one of my symptoms have disappeared. I know that Jimmy has taken a hard hit because of the association with Kimkins but please give him a break. I believe that God placed him there so he could learn about the plans so he could better inform his loyal readers about the plan.

The support at Kimkins was great and you don’t want to leave once you are there because of the friends you make there. I do so much miss my friends there and wish they would see the light before it affects their health. I had to leave because my health is more important to me and I can still lose weight and be healthy without starving myself. I intend to follow the Atkins plan because I think he knew that the fat was needed to substain health while losing.

In the end of my journey at Kimkins, I did contact tech support for a refund and Kimmer herself answered my email. She at first did not want to offer a refund but after a couple of emails, she did offer the refund and she did seem to care about my health. I can’t help but question though, was this because she was tracking my every move online like was rumored. If this were the case, she would have already known I warned my Kimkins friends of my health problems and that I was posting at LCF site also for advice. She
might have known I went to Jimmy for advice also. If that were the case, then no wonder she was answering for the tech guys over there, she had to talk to me personally to see what was going on.

I am sorry Kimmer but I do believe that when someone says they are losing hair, weak and generally feeling like they are going to die that you should recommend them to add more calories to their diet to see how they feel. I truly did believe in you and I also suffer from anxiety issues and can identify with you not wanting to meet with large crowds but when you did not meet with Christin or Jimmy one on one, that was a HUGE red flag for me. I suffer from anxiety issues and I could have had them come to my home for
an interview. If you truly have nothing to hide, then invite Jimmy over for an interview with pictures or meet at a nearby park. You could set this all straight with that one move and if you did, I would publicly apologize to you.

How about it Kimmer? Set the record straight and all this will stop. As for now for me, until I see a move on Kimmer’s part, I will stand by my decision to leave the site and stick with my opinion that the plans are unsafe and dangerous. This decision comes from much prayer and support of true friends that care about my health. Thank you my friends for your support.


4 Responses to “Deb”

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  2. Taressia said

    Thank you for your willingness to share your story as a warning to others…God bless as you continue to heal!

  3. love said

    Your strength will give others strength. Thank you.

  4. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam
    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.


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