August 5, 2007

After considerable thought I decided to post my experience with the Kimmer’s site. I first became acquainted with Kimmer on the LowCarbFriends.com early last year. She appeared to be very gung ho in wanting to help the LCF members. It seemed that she must have lived on the computer answering questions and posting what had worked for her.

What I did notice was that she became very impatient if a member was not following her WOE exactly. I just thought it was because she really truly cared and wanted people to experience the weight loss she reported she had.

When I found out she had started her own website I decided for $14.95 it was worth a shot. Shortly after I had joined I noticed that when I would ask questions in a specific forum I was receiving the answers from other members. Low and behold she was not around any more – the way she was on LCF. I couldn’t understand this because on her new site she advertised personal training, coaching, etc.

After numerous attempts to get her to answer questions I had, I just gave up and stopped posting. I then just spent my time lurking.

What was alarming to me was reading some of the other member’s posts regarding the adverse health problems they were experiencing.

Not only was it recommended you cut out all carbs, but also you are told to cut calories and fats. I looked at some of the Fitday reports and was amazed that a lot of the members were so low on calories and fats that it was no surprise they were reporting sickness, loss of hair, and a slew of other symptoms.

I also noticed that some of the people were disappearing from the site and not posting any more. I found out later that they were banned for asking questions regarding the questionable Kimmer pictures and her lack of participation with the members.

What really solidified it for me was reading the “Kimmer fascination” post on the LCF forum. How could this gal have all these alias, phony pictures and continue to give out harmful advice to her members?

Please, before you plunk down $60 or whatever it is up to now ….. do yourself a favor and visit the LCF posts. If you want to just lose weight and remain healthy DO NOT follow her advice. I can guarantee you – it’s a big waste of money and it is dangerous.


4 Responses to “Elizabeth”

  1. tiredofscams said

    The more I read about this Kimmer” person, whoever she is…the more mad I get. She sounds like nothing but a con artist!

  2. Healthy LCer said

    I’m so glad that you realized what was going on and got out safely. Thank God you are safe!!

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  4. 2big4mysize said

    Sorry you were a victim of Kimmer and her scam Kimkins.com
    thank you for helping others not to be victims too.


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