August 4, 2007

why the hiding?   

              No plan, if it is worthwhile and it is healthy should have to be hidden

                 No success story should post false success pictures.

No person should live in a cloud of doubt

                                           and secrecy

over a plan that causes more doubt.

Please ask yourself :           Why secrecy?                                                                                   Why  privacy?

If everything is all right, why the concern that things                          ’stay hidden’’? 

                                     A success should be shouted 

       and not buried in a pocket.                                                                                                   

                                               But it stays hidden.         Why?                                   

And why     Why do they now track

                                                              your every move?                                                                   

Are you a criminal?

Do they hide from you and ask you to give yourself up?                                                                                         

 Why do they track your  


   Why? Are these the actions of a successful weight loss plan?             

                 How many famous diets track their   members?                                        

          Stalk their computers?                      

                                 Identify their moves?         

  Ask yourself.                                                      

  What plan does this?                                                            

     And why?


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